'Little Women LA': Briana Renee Gives Birth To Baby Boy After A Stressful High-Risk Pregnancy

Briana Renee from Little Women LA has given birth to a beautiful baby boy. People confirmed on Friday that despite having a high-risk pregnancy, Briana has safely delivered her baby. This is Briana's first child with husband Matt Grundhoffer; she also has a daughter named Leiana. Matt already has two sons from another relationship.

Briana welcomed her newborn son a month early after having a rough pregnancy and a few scares along the way. Her bouncing baby boy arrived on Wednesday at 8:31 a.m. Maverick Jax is 17 inches long and weighs in at 5 lbs. and 3 ounces according to Briana's rep.

Briana Renee was expected to go into labor early. The Little Women LA star was hospitalized in early May when she went into premature labor. After being released from the hospital last month, Briana was put on bedrest and given medication to keep her from having her baby boy too early. She ended up delivering four and a half weeks early. However, all reports say that both mom and baby are doing great. Maverick Jax is currently in the NICU but is said to be doing well.

Right now, both Briana and Matt are said to be totally in love with their new son. Maverick is reportedly also a little person, along with his mother and his half-sister, Leiana. Briana's rep has said that Maverick Jax is "perfection" and that Briana can't wait to hold him.

Briana and Matt's marriage has been in trouble ever since he was accused of cheating while the Little Women LA star was pregnant. Even some of Briana's co-stars accused Matt of attempting to send them inappropriate text messages. Right before their special aired on Lifetime, the Inquisitr reported that Briana finally kicked Matt out because she was sick of his constant disrespect.

Matt was very apologetic after Briana gave him the boot, and for a while, it was looking like their marriage was over and Briana was ready to move on as a single mother. Now, it looks like the couple may have even reconciled, at least for the moment. It figures since when Briana initially separated from Matt, she simply told the accused cheater that she needed a "breather" in order to figure things out.

When Briana Renee was hospitalized in May because she was going into early labor, her family accused Matt Grundhoffer of keeping his wife from her family. They accused Matt of blocking them from calling or visiting when the Little Women LA star was hospitalized. Design & Trend even claimed that Matt told his wife's co-stars that he wasn't going to let her family see the children.

Briana and Matt's relationship, as depicted on Little Women LA, has been so dysfunctional that a fan started a petition to have Lifetime fire them. What started out slowly snowballed after several outlets reported on the petition, causing Lifetime to take note of the fans' feelings. Although it doesn't look like Briana or Matt will be leaving the show anytime soon, hopefully, the petition has been a wake-up call for Briana and also for Matt to be a better husband.

Fans of Little Women LA are looking forward to the upcoming season, which should be filming soon. Many have expressed hope that the birth of baby Maverick Jax would mean a return for Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer. Would you like to see the troubled couple return with their new baby boy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via @briana.renee/Instagram]