Sorry, Fitbit: Samsung Gear Fit2 Gets Outstanding Reviews

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is part fitness tracker and part smartwatch. When the first Samsung Gear Fit2 came out a couple years back, both critics and consumers balked. However, Samsung may have a winner with the Gear Fit2. As a matter of fact, Digital Trends claims the Gear Fit2 beats the Fitbit at its own game.

“After the company released the original Gear Fit back it 2014, it took a hiatus from fitness trackers, but during that time, Samsung learned a lot. The Gear Fit2 builds upon the blueprint of the first-generation model and improves upon it.”

Samsung Gear Fit2
The review notes that the Fit2 does more than track your workouts, and it has a lot of the same features as a smartwatch. They also like the form factor. PC Magazine gives the Gear Fit2 four stars.

“The Gear Fit2 shows just how far Samsung has come in the field of fitness trackers. It’s a major improvement over the original Gear Fit, adding support for non-Samsung Android devices, standalone functionality, and more sensors than you’ll often find at this price point.”

That said, the review adds that the smartwatch functionality isn’t really robust, but one has to understand that not only is the $179 price tag less than most smartwatches, but Samsung isn’t really marketing the Fit2 as a smartwatch in the first place. One of the commenters after the article purchased the Fit2 and is, overall, satisfied with his purchase.

“Thanks for the great review; I bought my Gear Fit2 two days ago and am really liking it a LOT. I haven’t been able to figure out how to add the weather widget, though,” comments Skirlofthepipes.

There is plenty of excitement for the Gear Fit2 on Twitter.

For those who want more of a smartwatch, Samsung has the Gear S2 for only $20 to $50 more, depending on where you shop. Samsung’s smartwatch has received even better reviews than the Apple Watch, especially the 3G version. Matthew Miller of ZDNet gave the Gear S2 3G a very favorable review.

“I’ve tested, and purchased, a lot of smartwatches and even though I wear one every day, I still believe no one really needs a smartwatch. That said, if you are looking for a watch that stands out from the rest then the Samsung Gear S2 3G is the one,” Miller says, noting that the Gear S2 is better than the Apple Watch.

Samsung Gear S2
As Miller points out, the Gear S2 has a GPS, unlike the Apple Watch. Most importantly, one can use the Gear S2 3G independent of any smartphone. Even though the S2 has its own separate number, it can take on the number of your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, allowing you to make calls from it and also send text messages. The Gear S2 3G is also dust and water resistant. In addition, it has some fitness features that the Apple Watch doesn’t have.

There have been reports that Samsung is getting ready to release the Gear S3 soon. It is believed that it will have a 4G chip for even greater wireless capabilities. The Apple Watch 2 is also expected to have 4G capabilities. According to most sources, the Samsung Gear Fit2 is a great purchase right at the moment, but buyers may want to wait a couple more months to see massively improved new devices.

[Photo via Daryl Deino]