Remember Stripper Mom Kelsey McMurtry? Now Arrested Again! Dumped Baby With Craigslist Stranger, Police Say

Remember Kelsey McMurtry, the 24-year-old Nashville, Tennessee, mom who was arrested in April on child neglect charges after leaving her 9-month-old baby daughter in a hot car while she went to audition for work as a nude dancer in a strip club? Well, McMurtry was back in the news again earlier this month.

And again, the issue involved her little daughter, according to a report by WTVF TV News in Nashville.

The young mom was arrested for the second time inside two months on charges of neglecting her little girl by leaving her with a total stranger. But as it turned out, it wasn’t the stranger who was the problem. It was the mom herself.

Here’s what happened.

According to a police report of the incident, as recounted by another local news station, WZTV, on May 30, Kelsey McMurtry answered an advertisement on Craigslist, placed by a babysitter looking for work. That afternoon, McMurtry and an unidentified friend showed up for what was described as a “meet and greet” with the prospective Craigslist sitter.

After chatting briefly, the babysitter, who had never met or even seen Kelsey McMurtry before, returned to her own car to retrieve paperwork that would make the babysitting arrangement legal and official.

When she got back to where she thought McMutry and the other woman would be waiting, they were nowhere to be found. But they had left behind the baby girl in her car seat.

The babysitter was stunned and confused. She became even more upset when she saw that the little girl was apparently filthy. The mom, it seems, had not administered a bath for the little girl in several days at least.

The child’s car seat was soaked with urine, as was the baby herself. McMutry left only a single pair of leggings with the baby, giving the babysitter no way to change the child out of her soiled garments.

The following video news report from WTVF contains more details on the disturbing repeat child neglect accusations against Kelsey McMurtry.

The babysitter spent several hours attempting to reach McMurtry by phone. She had the young mom’s cell number, but only her first name. But McMurtry never answered the phone calls.

After several attempts to reach McMurtry, the Craigslist babysitter called the Metro Nashville Police Department at about 10 p.m.

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Amazingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, later than evening police — around midnight — located Kelsey Mcmurtry at a drinking establishment on Broadway in Nashville and placed her under arrest on a charge of public intoxication.

About a week later, however, on June 7, police served Kelsey McMurtry with an arrest warrant. This time, the charges were child neglect, on two counts, and “criminal impersonation.”

McMurtry was booked into the Metro jail and held on a bond set at $65,000.

The young mom’s earlier offense happened in April when she left her child in a car with a friend as she went into the Deja Vu Showgirls club in Nashville to audition for work as a stripper.

But the friend then went inside as well, leaving the child locked in the car and wrapped in a heavy coat.

When police found the baby, after being notified by a passerby about 30 minutes later, the little girl was drenched in sweat and hospitalized. After the Craigslist incident, Kelsey McMurtry’s baby was placed in the care of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

[Featured Photo via Metro Nashville Police Department]

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