Michael Jackson’s Final Weeks Explored In New Well-Researched Book

The seventh anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death will be marred by the horrendous revelations made by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s department about the King of Pop’s secret life. According to Vanity Fair, a newly surfaced police report corroborates the child molestation allegations on Michael Jackson by giving details about various disturbing materials found in the pop star’s Neverland ranch home that was raided by the law enforcement officials.

The collection was mostly comprised of disturbing pornographic images that were prepared by superimposing children’s faces on adult bodies. Additionally, the police found materials that were allegedly aimed at desensitizing young children before molesting them.

The police inquiry against Michael Jackson began in 2003 when 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo took the bold step of accusing Michael Jackson of molesting him. According to Esquire, the police documents depict Michael as a drug addict and a sex-crazed molester who used perverse and sexually explicit images along with sex acts to manipulate children.

Many of the materials found at Michael Jackson’s home featured images of nude adolescents and nude adults that were allegedly intended to be used to lower the inhibitions of Michael’s young victims. In fact, some of the gory materials in Michael’s collection featured images of animal torture and sacrifice.

Based on the historic accusations, Michael Jackson was charged with seven counts of committing child molestation and with two counts for intoxicating a minor. And even though he was acquitted in 2005, prosecutors claimed that Michael went to the extent of paying as much as $200 million to keep his victims quiet.

Michael Jackson’s personal life was under constant scrutiny by paparazzi throughout his career. And even after his death, critics are refusing to let his family members live their lives the way that they want to. The New York Daily News reported that Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, hit out at internet trolls who criticized her for not tweeting about her late father on Father’s Day.

Paris blasted the critics through Instagram by asking them to mind their own business.

Michael Jackson was such a popular figure that his untimely death came as a shock to millions of fans around the world. And for die-hard fans like Tavis Smiley, the American talk-show host, the news of Michael Jackson’s death came as such a blow that they were left wondering how the tragedy actually happened.

Tavis Smiley wanted to get the feel of Michael’s psyche to understand what the pop star was going through in the weeks before his death. So he teamed up with David Ritz, the American author, to interview various celebrities like Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, and Janet Jackson, who were particularly close to Michael Jackson. Additionally, the two of them explored various documents like trial transcripts and the case papers against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, who was accused of causing his death.

Their research enabled them to bring to light the stressful moments that Michael went through during the last days of his life. Most of their findings have been penned down in Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days, Tavis Smiley’s non-fiction book that has been co-authored by David Ritz.

Tavis’s book reveals that Michael Jackson had to go through many pressures during the final months of his life. In fact, the legendary pop star was so stressed out that he could not even get a good night’s sleep in the 16-week period just before his death. Tavis suggests that at that point of time, Michael was self-medicating, as he couldn’t cope with the pressure brought about by his creditors, his upcoming concert tours, and the pressure his father was placing on him to join the “Reunion Tour.”

According to USA Today, Berry Gordy spoke about the tumultuous life of Michael Jackson in those final weeks of his life.

“There are moments in the lives of certain iconic figures where, if they’re not careful, they become rudderless.”

And even though Tavis’s book does not dwell on the child molestation allegations, it seems a sincere effort to look at Michael Jackson from a different perspective. Tavis wants fans to explore and appreciate Michael’s human side rather than being wowed by his artistic genius. Finally, Michael’s fans will be able to find out why the Moonwalker bid them adieu so early.

[Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]