Pennsylvania Child Killed For Messy Room By Mother’s Drunk Fiance

Hearts hang heavy in the state of Pennsylvania as an 8-year-old has passed away for not cleaning his room. ABC News reports a man from Pennsylvania slammed his fiancé’s 8-year-old child on the floor as punishment for having a messy room. The act of slamming the young child on the floor caused him to suffer fatal injuries.

KTAR News reports the Allegheny County Police Department has said that a Pennsylvania man from North Braddock named Orlando William was drinking at the time of the incident. Police are claiming the Pennsylvania man entered the boy’s room and tripped over a laundry basket. Becoming angry for tripping over the basket in the boy’s messy room, the fiancé picked up the child and tried to slam him onto the edge of the bed. More than likely because he was intoxicated, the man ended up missing the bed and slammed the child against the floor instead.

Had the man not been drinking at the time of the incident, it is possible the boy from Pennsylvania would not have been killed, as the fatal injuries were sustained because the child was slammed against the floor instead of the bed, which the man claims to have been his original target.

While the incident was alleged to have happened on Sunday night, KTAR News reports it was not until Monday morning that the couple from Pennsylvania drove the child to the hospital. When the boy arrived at the hospital, the Pennsylvania doctors made the decision to call the police because of how severe the injuries were. The doctors suspected some form of foul play.

The fatal injuries the boy suffered after being slammed against the floor by his mother’s drunk fiancé included a herniated brain stem. The doctors had no choice but to place the child on a ventilator because of how severe his injuries were. Unfortunately, the boy died Thursday from his injuries, which are now being described as “fatal.”

The finance of the child’s mother has been arrested on several charges, which include endangerment of the welfare of a child and aggravated assault. At this time, it does not appear as if the mother of the child from Pennsylvania has been charged with anything. The court records for this case do not list an attorney for the man who is sitting in jail because he killed his fiancé’s child for having a messy room while drunk.

Media outlets have made an attempt to call the phone number listed with the Pennsylvania man’s name in an attempt to receive a comment regarding the injury. The phone number listed, however, rang without being answered.

Police are still investigating the boy who was killed by his mother’s fiancé in a moment of drunken rage. One of the biggest questions people are asking about this case is why the mother waited so long to take her child to the hospital as he suffered from fatal injuries. There is also currently no information regarding whether or not a bail has been set for the Pennsylvania man who killed the child.

What do you think should happen to the man who killed the child in a drunken rage because he tripped over something in the 8-year-old child’s messy room? Do you think the mother was negligent or the cause to blame for this happening? Should she suffer some sort of punishment for waiting so long to take the child to the hospital? How about the fact that she was the one who decided to leave the child with her drunk fiancé? Only time will tell what charges are brought as investigators look into the death of this Pennsylvania child.

[Image via Allegheny County Police Department]

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