iPhone 5 Battery To Last 40% Longer

James Johnson

When the iPhone 5 debuts next week, it will feature a battery capable of delivery up to 40 percent longer use times despite the fact that the phone is expected to use performance enhancing components.

According to Shawn Lee of DisplaySearch Blog, Apple will implement a new technology known as in-cell touch which will make the larger and higher definition Retina Display thinner. By thinning out the screen, Apple can then add a larger battery. Better battery technology combined with a larger battery therefore leads to a 40 percent increase in the time needed between charges.

With a faster processor, the ability to sell customers on speed and battery performance could be a big win for Apple.

It is still not clear at this time if Apple's new design for the iPhone 5 will contribute to longer battery times. For example, the heat conductivity of the devices shell could play a part in cooling the battery, thus leading to less power leakage.

As smartphones continue to evolve, companies are quickly learning how to make software less "constant" intensive, meaning less power is used when a customer is not directly taking advantage of certain services. As software becomes smarter and hardware become more power conscious, we continue to see longer battery life cycles for Apple and other manufacturer smartphones.

Apple has yet to announce any new features or hardware specs for the Apple iPhone 5, but all will be revealed in just a few short days.

Will you be picking up the iPhone 5, and does battery life play a role in your smartphone buying decision?