Tyga Furious Over PartyNextDoor ‘Come And See Me’ Video With Kylie Jenner — ‘KUWTK’ Star Not Reconciling With Rapper?

Tyga is said to be livid after having watched PartyNextDoor’s new music “Come and See Me,” which just so happens to be starring Kylie Jenner.

The whole situation is rather confusing since Kylie has been spending a lot of time with Tyga in the last couple of weeks. The pair flew out to Jamaica together six days ago to shoot a music video for the rapper’s upcoming single. It seemed rather controversial since she was still said to have been hooking up with PND at the time.

The 26-year-old was then seen hanging out with the Kardashians as they celebrated North West’s birthday at Kim’s house earlier this week, which led many media outlets to assume that Kylie and Tyga might have reconciled.

Judging by PND’s new music video, where he makes out with the 18-year-old in the final scene, it looks as if Kylie may have led Tyga on to believe that the father of one could potentially have another chance to make things right between the two.

Sources reveal that the rapper is absolutely furious. “Tyga’s heated! He’s mad as hell seeing Kylie all up in PND’s grill, kissing him and being in his little video. This is not cool and Tyga’s had enough of this spectacle,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

“Kylie’s gone too far and Tyga’s doesn’t want to go nuclear on her by releasing a epic diss track about her and PND or worse – putting Khloe in one of his next videos! He’s not above asking Khloe [Kardashian] to shoot a video with him with the intent of getting under Kylie’s skin.”

Khloe and Tyga have remained rather close following his split with Jenner last month. The two hang around the same circle of friends, so for them to form some kind of bad blood between one another when Tyga quite literally hasn’t done anything hurtful to the family would’ve been silly.

Whether Khloe would actually partake in a diss track aimed at Kylie is another question. Although, for the Kardashians, any publicity is considered good publicity.

Still, it doesn’t explain why and how Kylie Jenner would be spending so much time with Tyga if she’s clearly still in a relationship with PartyNextDoor. Sure, while some fans seem to think that the twosome have managed to remain friends following their split, it is evidently clear that the socialite has been spending much more time with Tyga in recent weeks than with her supposed new boyfriend.

With that said, there’s also the possibility that PND’s music video was shot weeks ago — perhaps the visual was filmed last month around the same the lip kit fanatic broke things off with the “Faded” artist. If Kylie and Tyga are constantly hanging out with one another, people will evidently get the impression that they are dating again.

One fan took to his Twitter account, stressing that the music video with Kylie Jenner and PartyNextDoor was most likely shot when they had just started dating. And now that the reality star is spending quality time with Tyga again, she has probably ended things with PND in the hopes of reconciling with the father of one, who she famously claimed was her “first real boyfriend.”

Tyga is still fuming over the release of the music video, presumably because Kylie Jenner didn’t even inform him about it. If the couple have reconciled, things are bound to get rather awkward between the two now that Jenner can be seen making out with PartyNextDoor in the singer’s music video that, which was said to have been shot just weeks after her split from the rapper she could potentially have reconciled with.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]