Louis Tomlinson Beams Alongside Pretty Girl Group, Harry Styles Against Brexit, Fobs Off Universal Records?

Sandra Hajda

Louis Tomlinson may have finalized the line-up for the long-awaited girl group he's planned for his label under Simon Cowell's Syco banner. Meanwhile Harry Styles looks to have signed with Columbia Records, and social media activity suggests that the British star would have liked to have seen Britain vote "Remain" in today's EU referendum.

Today Louis and Danielle were photographed walking together in LA. The actress wore a short white dress and carried a black handbag. Louis wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with place-name badges, paired with black trousers and the knitted beanie he has favored of late.

Jonny Pierce captioned the photo "Harry and I want you to vote Remain."

It looks like Drum band member is passionate about the EU referendum and wanted to use his friend Harry Styles' pulling power to encourage people to vote Remain.

Not even help from Harry Styles could make that a reality -- the Leave camp ultimately triumphed by a slim margin.

User looking.perfect wrote,

Well dont you think he has to say that? That it means that he wants to remain or is it just your message and you put it on his mouth when he never gave his opinion about that? Bc it is a really important matter to joke about. Well maybe i am being a little drama queen lol

Music-News previously reported that Sony and Universal were locked in a bidding war over Harry Styles.

Sony Music executives aren't prepared to lose the star so easily and are locked in a bidding war to stop him for moving to Universal's Capitol Records label, which will reportedly be managed out of the U.S. It is thought Universal's Polydor Records will represent him in the U.K.

Sony Music's Columbia label and Simon Cowell's associated Syco label were the ones behind One Direction's epic success. It looks like Harry Styles has not opted to break ties totally, and Universal may have lost the war for Harry.

Since the group was formed on The X Factor U.K. in 2010, One Direction racked up four No. 1 albums and one No. 2 album with 2015's Made in the A.M., all released via Sony Music's Columbia label in partnership with Simon Cowell's Syco.
"Harry is being offered so many incentives to stay (at Sony). They're breaking the bank for him."