Blake Shelton Probably Hasn’t Sent Gwen Stefani A Nude Selfie, Or Given Her A Wedding Ring

Blake Shelton Hates Taking His Shirt Off

Blake Shelton isn’t quite as body confident as his famous girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Blake’s fit, fashion-forward musical muse still rocks belly-baring tops at age 46, but he has rarely been spotted with his shirt off. The 40-year-old country crooner reportedly doesn’t like to flash his flesh, so he probably doesn’t have to worry about ever being the victim of a nude photo leak; if he’s sending sexy selfies to Gwen, he’s likely all covered up in them.

The New York Post made Blake Shelton fans aware of just how rare sightings of his bare chest are when he was photographed swimming in a pool with Gwen Stefani. In the picture, which was taken on Monday, Gwen is wearing a skimpy bikini while Blake is covered up in a maroon shirt.

Blake reportedly lost 30 pounds after his divorce from Miranda Lambert, but the country boy still isn’t comfortable driving his tractor around topless.

“He is so sensitive about his weight,” a source revealed. “You will never see him shirtless.”

The source went on to say that Blake Shelton isn’t in bad shape at all, but he never changes his shirt in front of anyone on the set of The Voice. The “shy” singer always keeps his dressing room door closed, and he refuses to change on set whenever he’s doing a photo shoot. Because of his reported reluctance to let anyone see his bare body, Racked has dubbed Blake a “Never-Nude.”

Perhaps Blake’s discomfort with showing off his body has something to do with the unconventional underwear ad he recently filmed. As Taste of Country reports, Blake doesn’t take his shirt or his pants off in the Gildan ad, so he doesn’t have to worry about fans comparing him to other celebrity underwear models like David Beckham or Justin Bieber.

“Underwear really isn’t underwear if it’s not under something. That’s what it’s for,” Blake says in the ad. “Hey, how about a commercial where you wear underwear like it’s really worn? Well, here you have it! I’m Blake Shelton and I’m modeling my underwear.”

During an interview with People, Blake Shelton complained that he has “man boobs” and a “gut,” so this is likely why he didn’t feel comfortable doffing his top in the underwear ad.

Met these two sweet pregnant ladies today. Good luck @blakeshelton and @behatiprinsloo!

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Blake Shelton might not send Gwen Stefani shirtless selfies of himself in his underwear, but Gwen has revealed that she likes to send sexy photos to her man. According to the “Make Me Like You” singer, a makeup-free Instagram selfie that went viral last month was supposed to be for Blake Shelton’s eyes only. However, Gwen loved the photo so much that she decided to share it with her fans.

“I was laying there, I just got in bed and I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll send a picture to Blake,'” Gwen told People. “You just start fooling around with it. I actually had a new camera on my phone and I just took that picture.”

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Shefani fans might not ever get to lay their eyes on a topless photo of Blake Shelton, but maybe someday the “Came Here to Forget” singer will make another of their dreams come true by asking Gwen Stefani to marry him. A new rumor about a “Shefani” wedding seems to circulate every week, and the latest claim is that Gwen and Blake have been married for weeks.

According to Hollywood Life, a recent report by OK! magazine says that Gwen and Blake secretly tied the knot at his Oklahoma property in mid-March. The tabloid claims that Gwen got hitched wearing a dress that she already owns, which fans of Gwen Stefani’s funky sense of style might consider blasphemy; they obviously want to see Gwen in a one-of-a-kind wedding design if and when she and Blake do get married.

Luckily for fashion fans, Gossip Cop is reporting that the secret wedding claims are “completely fabricated.”

“Shefani” fans might be sad that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton still aren’t married yet, but they can take comfort in knowing that there’s still a chance that Gwen and Blake may someday have a lavish, star-studded wedding that Gwen will decide to document on Snapchat.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen was recently thinking about a “honeymoon,” but if she and Blake Shelton do get hitched, she might want to leave places with beaches off of her list of possible post-wedding vacation destinations; Blake might prefer a place where he can have fun with his clothes on.

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