Justin Bieber Falls Onstage Again During ‘Purpose Tour’ Show And We Can’t Stop Watching

Justin Bieber can’t stop falling on stage during his Purpose Tour shows. At this rate, the accident-prone superstar is going to be covered in bruises by the end of his 114-date trek.

The Biebs’ latest tumble took place during the singer’s water-drenched performance of his mega-hit “Sorry” in the finale of his 90-minute concert at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday night.

Not surprisingly, the water on stage was the culprit behind the 22-year-old’s snafu. During the traditional splash-about at the end of the song, fan-obtained video footage shows Justin slipping on his rear when he kicked water towards one of the male dancers.

Bieber then appears to fall into a lower level of the stage. Following his slip, dancers surrounded the singer and held out hands to help him up.

But, in the end, the Canadian got up by himself, then jokingly ran at one of his male dancers in a play-fight which made them both fall over.

Watch the hilarity in the videos below.

Following the watery mayhem, one fan tweeted that Justin mused to the crowd that “Life is about taking falls.”

Most Justin Bieber fans are aware the heartthrob had a serious onstage fall through a trap door at his Purpose Tour show in Saskatoon, Canada earlier this month. The Grammy winner was adjusting his pants and not looking where he was walking — and, splat — he fell into a riser hole.

Rewind to the shocking “Thud” moment below, which was audible because of the mic in the singer’s hand.

The Biebs previously fell flat on his behind during another “Sorry” performance in Kansas City back in April.

Concert reviews from Jacksonville praised the entertainment value of Bieber’s show.

While the singer does lip-sync for parts of his show, one critic made the point that “one could argue that he was simply being honest with his fans by not pretending to sing when clearly he wasn’t.”

Instead, Jacksonville.com focused on the “spectacle of the show” which “Bieber delivered…in spades.” The review mentions the lasers, fireworks, showers of sparks and water, dancers, aerialists, gymnasts, the trampoline when Justin performs “Company,” the rising stage features, and the box of emotion used in the Biebs’ entrance to the stage, and the cage of light seen in his rendition of “I’ll Show You.”

As usual, Justin strips things back in the acoustic part of the concert to perform “Insecurities” and “Love Yourself” with an acoustic guitar to the mostly teen, female audience. Moxie Raia and Post Malone opened the show.

Let’s hope the Biebs gets through the rest of his Purpose World Tour without any more, or too many more, stage falls.

Meanwhile, at the singer’s next Purpose Tour stop in Nashville, one lucky fan ended up with a surprise present from the pop prince.

The spontaneous gifting took place at Dino’s, a refurbished dive bar that serves cheap beer, burgers, and jumbo Jenga in East Nashville, Tennessee. The “Sorry” singer and his crew hit up the local venue after performing a sold-out concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Monday night (June 27).

On Tuesday, Joni Bonney, a photographer and Nashville resident, posted a photo on her social media accounts of her husband wearing what was once the Biebs’ jacket — a blue Camo Windreaker, which, incidentally, retails for $120 at DMNT’s website.

Bonney’s caption reads “No lie, totally met Justin Bieber last night at #dinos literally gave me his jacket, Jesiah [her husband] is wearing it today #onlyinnashville #justinbieber #bieber.”

Naturally, Justin Bieber fans flocked to these posts. Replying to one Belieber’s inquiry, Joni wrote, “Totally serious! Lol I complimented it and he said, ‘Do you want it?’ Haha so crazy.”

The Tennessee reports Dino’s manager Kate Sharber recalled the singer, “came in with a big crew, and went to the backyard to the Jenga set.” Videos of the Biebs and his pals, including EDM DJ/producer Martin Garrix, playing the game subsequently surfaced online.

Apparently, the Biebs was welcomed with open arms at the bar. He chatted and took pictures with the locals, who Sharber says were very relaxed, and ordered burgers with eggs. No doubt because of this easygoing vibe, Bieber took photos with other patrons despite his ban. “He was in and out. It was a really fun time and we were happy to have him. Hope he comes back,” Sharber said.

The singer subsequently reposted one of the shots at his Instagram account.

The Grammmy winner also had fun on the lakes, wakeboarding, boating, and chilling with friends. Bieber shared glimpses of his downtime on Instagram.

[Images via Justin Bieber Instagram]

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