Ginger Zee Reveals How Much Weight She Lost During ‘DWTS’ — What Were Her Shocking Results?

Ginger Zee, the meteorologist for ABC’s Good Morning America, did an amazing job on Dancing with the Stars last season. She took some time off to do the show after just having a baby three months earlier. She may have expected to lose some extra weight while shaking her booty on the dance floor with pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy, but she was quite surprised that it didn’t happen exactly the way she thought it would.

The mom-of-one showed everyone, including herself, that she was an amazing dancer during season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. She was in a good position to win the Mirror Ball Trophy, but it turned out that she instead came in third place. Her joy and enthusiasm showed as she danced her heart out with Val. She had heard from previous contestants on how much weight they had shed after they were done with the show, and Ginger Zee was hoping that would be the case for her as well.


However, Ginger dished to People in their recent issue that even though she was hoping for something like a 20-pound loss, she only shed two pounds during the whole season.

“I hadn’t weighed myself all season, but I knew my clothes fit better. I thought I’d be 20 lbs. lighter. But I only weighed 2 lbs. less. That was it!”

This has apparently opened her eyes as to her previous view of thinking that she should be working out more to lose any excess weight. With all of the exercise that she got during the weeks that she was dancing, Ginger Zee figures that she is exactly where she should be as far as how healthy she looks and feels.

“Apparently I’m just supposed to be 138 lbs., and that’s good.”

Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy.
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The 35-year-old weather girl also mentioned that she has a new sense of accomplishment and pride in herself after competing on Dancing with the Stars. Viewers learned about her battle with anorexia when she was just 12 and how her family helped her through it.

“The anorexia will always be in my head. You can’t scrub that from your memory. But having a baby and then going into this challenge was really empowering. I’ve found a pride in myself that I’d never had before.”

It sounds like not losing 20 pounds is not that big of a deal for Ginger these days. She has found happiness in herself and also with her husband and child. In a recent video by TLC as a follow up to the show Say Yes to the Dress, Ben and Ginger talked about finding out that she was pregnant while she was filming in Palau. Then, two weeks after that, she was sent to Vietnam for 10 days and had to deal with her emotions and morning sickness while she was there for the GMA segment. It sounds like it was quite a rough time for both Ben and his wife.

Zee married Ben Aaron in 2014 in a beachside wedding in her native state of Michigan. They welcomed their first child, Adrian Benjamin, last December. Just three months later, Ginger made the decision to do Dancing with the Stars and was paired up with Val Chmerkovskiy for Season 22. They were a perfect fit, and the Ukrainian dancer had nothing but affectionate words to say about the meteorologist.

Now that she is back to her job on the morning show and back to being a new mom to Adrian, Ginger Zee is happy with how things have turned out. She is proud of herself for accomplishing what she has so far in her life.

It was also mentioned that Ginger has a new digital culinary science series called Food Forecast, which will be shown on in July. It sounds like she is combining her love of both science and food into one cool series.

Are you surprised that Ginger Zee only lost a couple of pounds during Dancing with the Stars?

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