Bindi Irwin’s Boyfriend Used To Watch Her On TV, They Were Pen-Pals Before They Dated

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin, will always keep the memories of her father alive. Steve Irwin, who was famously nicknamed “The Crocodile Hunter,” was an Australian wildlife expert and conservationist who died in 2006 after being attacked by a stingray near the Great Barrier Reef.

Although it’s been 10 years since the death of her father, Bindi Irwin’s bond with her father is as strong as ever. People magazine reported that the former Dancing with the Stars champion took to Instagram and Twitter to wish her late father a Happy Father’s Day.

Bindi also posted a throwback photo of herself along with her dad while the pair waxed a surfboard. Earlier, Bindi had also posted a picture of her father holding a large lizard to promote Wildlife Warriors, a conservation foundation founded by Steve. Her post was accompanied by an invitation to join the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner that was organized to raise funds for the organization. Bindi Irwin’s efforts and meticulous planning saw a huge response from many animal life supporters and a fantastic attendance of the dinner. The proud daughter has clearly taken after her father with respect to her love for anything related to wildlife and conservation.

Despite being an Australian wildlife aficionado, Bindi Irwin gained fame as a young bright teenager who won the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars in the United States.

According to Perez Hilton, Bindi’s recent pictures reveal that the young teenager has grown to be a beautiful young lady who is ready for romance.

Courier Mail reported that Bindi’s Instagram account showcased her photographs with her American boyfriend, Chandler Powell. The two have been dating since last year the couple recently spent a precious few weeks together in the U.S. before Bindi’s return to Australia. The pair enjoyed their three-week adventure vacation by traveling from Los Angeles to the Oregon Coast. And it is not the first time that Bindi has posted Chandler’s photo on Instagram. According to Courier Mail, Bindi wrote a beautiful caption for Chandler’s photo which depicted him in a wetsuit with a surfboard.

“Mornings like this with my sunshine. Watching him surf and seeing whales in the distance, life is pretty much perfect.”

Fans posted their comments on the photo by empathizing with the duo struggling to deal with a long-distance relationship, as Bindi Irwin and her partner are separated a great deal of the time due to their academic and professional commitments. Chandler is pursuing his studies at the University of Central Florida, and Bindi works as a conservationist at Australia Zoo. The adorable and sweet messages on their Instagram accounts show that the two are really missing each other.

Fans have always wondered as to how the romance between Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell evolved. News Australia reports that John DiCenzo, Chandler’s grandfather, revealed that Chandler was obsessed with the Irwins long before he started to date Bindi.

In fact, the wakeboarder was a big fan and admirer of Steve Irwin. Like many children of the 90s, Chandler used to watch the television program that showed Steve Irwin handling various dangerous animals. Chandler became even more interested in the show when Bindi started featuring along with her Dad. Later, Chandler fell for Bindi during one of his visits to Australia Zoo in 2014.

After seeking permission from Australia Zoo, Chandler started writing to Bindi, and gradually the two of them got closer to each other. During the course of their letter-writing, Bindi Irwin and her now-boyfriend Chandler explored their common interests of adventure and travel.

And even though they both enjoy seeing each other via Skype, Bindi and Chandler love writing letters the old-fashioned way without depending heavily on email. It therefore came as no surprise to fans when Chandler’s granddad divulged that working at Australia Zoo would be Chandler’s dream job.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]