Savage Dog Bites Delivery Man’s Penis: ‘It Hung On For 20 Seconds And It Felt Like An Eternity’

Dog attacks are always nasty, but some are nastier than others. Take for example the case of delivery driver Daniel Dythe. When he was savaged by an out-of-control Rottweiler he was lucky to escape with his manhood intact after the vicious beast pounced and bit his penis.

In December of last year, the father-of-nine from Chelmsford, Essex, was out on his rounds and posting parcels on a brisk and hearty midwinter morning.

Christmas was on the horizon, the mood was festive, and people were full of seasonal cheer and goodwill. In short, the last thing one would expect in such circumstances is to be bitten on the penis by a Rottweiler-German shepherd cross called Chief.

Yet that’s exactly what happened to Daniel, and the brutal ordeal has scarred him in more ways than one.

The Mirror reports that Daniel explained how he was about to post a parcel when Chief appeared on the scene like a hound from hell.

“I knocked on the door and a boy answered. I was getting him to sign for the parcel and the next thing I know I just felt this excruciating pain.”

Bravely recalling the attack, Daniel explained, “There was no growling, no warning, nothing. I looked down and the dog was hanging off the end of my penis.”

As the terrified 40-year-old attempted to move away from the beast, to Daniel’s great horror, Chief growled and sunk his teeth in for a second pop at the cherry, but this time his grip was that much tighter.

Fortunately for the Rottweiler’s victim, Chief released his grip on Daniel’s penis after the dog’s owner, Alexandra Metcalfe, 57, came outside and began screaming.

Yet as far as Daniel was concerned, the damage had been done.

Dog Attack
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“It was only on there for about 20 seconds but it felt like an eternity. I thought my penis was going to be in bits.

“I haven’t had any long-term damage but I’ve lost a bit of my dignity and whenever I look down, I now see my scarred penis.”

Following the attack, Daniel went to Broomfield Hospital, where the medical team cleaned him up and discharged him four hours later. He needed time off work and took a week-long course of antibiotics to prevent infection.

The lifelong dog lover refuses to let his savage mauling change the way he views “man’s best friend,” but he does hope his experience will teach other pet owners about the importance of controlling their dogs.

“If it had been a child in my place it wouldn’t have stood a chance. I don’t blame the animals I blame the owners because they are the ones in charge.

“If it was up to me they’d have the destruction orders, not the dogs. I’ve got nothing against dogs. I grew up with Alsatians as a kids and I’ve got a French bulldog puppy called Marley now.

“People need to be responsible dog owners and stop things like this happening again.”

Chief’s owner, Metcalfe, a nurse, pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on June 15 for owning a dangerously out of control dog, but insists she saw no evidence of injury to Daniel.

“He did run out, he did grind on the man. We saw no evidence of injury but he says he was injured, so if he was then so be it.

“Chief went back into the utility room with his tail between his legs. I apologized to him (Daniel), I offered him medical attention.”

The court heard that Chief had previously attacked two other people. Taking this into consideration, the Chair of the bench, David Murtagh, ordered the “out of control” dog be put down.

“This is the third report of Chief attacking someone. You have dogs which you freely admitted in court out loud run free, knowing that they’re dangerous.

“A medium level of harm was caused to a very sensitive part of the person’s body. It is an out of control dog. We are going to impose a destruction order.”

Savage Dog
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