Watch European Union Referendum Coverage Live Online: Streaming Video Of Thursday’s Brexit Vote

Viewers can watch live coverage of the Britain’s European Union referendum and see if the Brexit goes through or whether voters will decide to remain in the union.

Voters will take to the polls across Britain to decide whether their nation will remain in the European Union or whether they will leave — and option that has come to be known as Brexit, or Britain’s exit. There has been a four-month campaign for the historic referendum, the first time in 40 years that British voters will have a voice in whether Britain remains in the European Union.

The vote is seen as a response to the rise of populism in Europe, and critics say it could lead to turmoil in the world’s financial markets if the “Leave” option wins over. But proponents say it would take Britain out from under the thumb of the EU and allow the country to have its own control over things like immigration.

Those who want to watch coverage of Britain’s European Union referendum can find live streaming video below.

Politicians supporting both options spent this week holding rallies and urging voters to pick their side. The biggest name in support of the option to remain in the European Union is Prime Minister David Cameron, who on Wednesday spoke at a rally in Birmingham.

“Quitting Europe is a risk to your family’s future because a vote to leave on Thursday means there is no going back on Friday,” Cameron said.

As the Guardian noted, the message was passionate but came off as stale.

“But the message was very familiar, almost entirely about the perceived threats to the economy and to security of Brexit,” the report noted. “These are the issues on which Cameron believes remain will win, if they do.”

Former London mayor Boris Johnson is one of the strongest voices pushing the “leave” option and has also been involved in rallies to drum up support for Brexit.

Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party and a fierce opponent of the effort to stay in the EU, is another one of the most vocal players.

“At the end of the day tomorrow when people vote they must make a decision — which flag is theirs? I want us to live under British passports and under the British flag,” Farage said via Reuters.

Those who watch the European Union referendum coverage live online could see a very tight contest. Brexit polls have shifted back and forth considerably in recent weeks, though the “Remain” option appears to have taken a lead in the final days. Pollster ComRes said the option to stay in the EU is up by 6 percentage points over the “Leave” option.

But simply winning may not be enough for Remain, said ComRes chairman Andrew Hawkins.

“The burning question now is whether Remain’s win will be of a sufficient margin to settle the issue of EU membership for a generation, as David Cameron put it,” Hawkins said via Reuters.

As Reuters noted, the EU referendum has led to some bitter fighting, with both sides accusing the other of using scare tactics. That may have reached a head last week with the murder of pro-EU lawmaker Jo Cox.

Reuters noted that there are other expected economic effects if the Brexit goes through.

“A vote to remain would trigger a rise in sterling and relief in Western capitals, unleash pent-up investment in Britain but still leave the country — and the Conservatives — bitterly divided, especially if the margin of victory were thin.”

Those who want to watch EU referendum coverage live online can click here for streaming video from the BBC.

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