Stream ‘O.J.: Made In America’ Online Free: Full 5-Part Documentary Throws New Light On Famed Murder Case

O.J.: Made In America, the critically acclaimed five-part documentary about the life and murder trial of retired NFL football star O.J. Simpson, is now available to stream online legally and for free on demand, and viewers who missed the five-night event on the ABC and ESPN networks earlier in June will want to catch up on the vital, seven-and-a-half-hour series which covers Simpson’s life from his years as a San Francisco high school football star through his current state as an inmate in a Nevada penitentiary.

Simpson, for those who for some reason may be unfamiliar with the case, was accused of the 1994 murders of his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and an acquaintance, Ronald Goldman, outside Nicole’s home in Brentwood, a wealthy neighborhood in western Los Angeles, California.

But despite what appeared to be overwhelming evidence, including DNA evidence, pointing to his guilt in the murders, Simpson was stunningly acquitted after a lengthy trial, on October 3, 1995 — more than 15 months after the murders took place.

The following video recounts the verdict and the widely varying reactions to Simpson’s acquittal across the United States.

In 2007, Simpson attempted to commit an armed robbery of a sports memorabilia dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada, resulting in his current prison sentence.

The five-part miniseries documentary is directed by Ezra Edelman and includes interviews with numerous surviving characters from Simpson’s life and from the murder case, including former childhood friends of Simpson, as well as detectives who investigated the case, prosecutor Marcia Clark, members of Simpson’s defense team and the Los Angeles County District Attorney in 1994 and 1995, Gil Garcetti.

Absent from the interview list, however, is the now 68-year-old O.J. Simpson himself.

To find out how to stream all five episodes of O.J.: Made In America online, see the streaming links at the bottom of this article.

The documentary goes into extensive detail about the O.J. Simpson trial, which was televised live and drew an estimated 100 million viewers for the 1995 verdict.

O.J.: Made In America also contains new revelations about the central and most famous moment of the trial — when Simpson attempted to put on the gloves that were found covered with blood on the night of the murders, one at the murder scene, the second at Simpson’s estate in another section of Brentwood.

Watch that historic moment — which led defense attorney Johnny Cochran to coin the signature phrase, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” — in the video below.

The five-part documentary ranges far beyond the O.J. Simpson case itself, exploring race relations in America and specifically, the relationship between the Los Angeles Police Department and African-American residents of the city.

The documentary also explores Simpson’s on views on race, in particular, his view that he, himself, transcended racial categories. Simpson was known to claim, “I’m not black, I’m O.J.”


ESPN3, the free, online-only network of sports giant ESPN, is making all five episodes of the acclaimed O.J.: Made In America documentary available to stream online. Click on this link to watch the full documentary streaming for free on a computer or on mobile and set-top devices with ESPN3 on the WatchESPN app.

ESPN3 is free to subscribers of almost any major internet service provider and dozens of smaller ISPs. For a complete list, check this link, or try the instructions at this link if you do not have an account with an ISP that carries ESPN3, to watch O.J.: Made In America.

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