‘Big Brother 18′ Scandal: Corey Brooks’ Anti-Gay Tweets Revealed

It is almost time for Season 18 of Big Brother to start airing, and one of the houseguests is already under fire. Corey Brooks posted a few things on his Twitter account that should have never been said by someone joining a reality television. Hollywood Life shared the details about what Corey posted on his page that everyone is a bit shocked by. Corey is a baseball coach from Dallas, Texas.

Caleb Reynolds was on Big Brother in the past and had to deal with a few racial tweets that people called him out for. Now Corey Brooks is going to have to deal with the exact same thing. Corey was seen using the word f** in multiple tweets. One tweet that Corey posted was a response to someone else, and it said, “You would know about taking it the hard way. F**.” Corey also shared that he loves the movie The Notebook and doesn’t care if people think that he is a f** because of it.

These aren’t the only tweets by Corey Brooks that have people wondering about him. Another one said, “took me a while to figure out who you were but your gay write up about yourself gave it away. Bodybuilding is your life?#yourefat.” Someone must have told Corey about the tweets or whoever is running his Twitter account while he is on the show because they have since been deleted. Corey Brooks was smart enough to take them down, but everyone already knows about what he said.

Big Brother Season 18 starts tonight with Corey Brooks and, of course, several other houseguests. Romper shared that the rumors are flying that there are going to be four more mystery guests joining the show. It sounds like these will be coaches, and nobody knows who it will be. It would be crazy if they brought back Caleb Reynolds who got in trouble for the same thing. Corey Brooks is already going into the house with people upset with him. It may take him a bit to win over the fans of the show.

Back when Jeff Schroeder was on the show, he got in trouble for a few gay comments that were made and seen on the live feeds. Jeff has obviously won over CBS because he is now doing the interviews for the people going into the house. Reality Blurred shared about what went down with Jeff on the show. The big difference is that Jeff said it on the show, and Corey Brooks posted it all on social networks before he ever joined the show. They were talking about Harry Potter and Jeff later shared that the things he said were taken wrong.

“This thing always goes back time to last time I said a derogatory word–wasn’t derogatory, but I said it. I said you cannot send a 8-year-old kid to a fantasy camp that doesn’t exist with a gay headmaster or whatever you want, to another fantasy land. This wasn’t even a real place, it was a magical land that the headmaster was gay. And I said, ‘You cannot send your kid there.’ Then Kalia went on this whole thing, ‘Well, my sister is gay.’ Well, that has nothing to do with sending a kid to a magical land with a gay headmaster.”

Are you shocked to hear that Corey Brooks posted these tweets before his time on Big Brother? Do you think that he will comment things like this on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother starting tonight on CBS. There will be three new episodes a week on CBS.

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