Dermaplaning: Cost Per Session, $189 Tool And Surgical Blade — Can Face-Shaving At Home Or Spas Get Rid Of Acne?

Paula Mooney - Author

Jun. 22 2016, Updated 7:07 p.m. ET

Dermaplaning sounds a lot fancier than face shaving, but in essence, that’s what dermaplaning involves. On Instagram, the #dermaplaning hashtag has swelled to 4,321 posts. Many of those posts proclaim the virtues of the dermaplaning process, which can be seen in the below compelling video. That video shows a face being shaved in short strokes as the skin is pulled taut enough to get the dermaplaning blade to shave off the dead skin. The blade is generally held at a 45-degree angle — that is, if you encounter the type of surgical blades used at spas. According to StyleCaster, the DIY home version of dermaplaning includes a $189 tool called the DermaFlash.

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The below photo of a woman praising the virtues of dermaplaning as part of her beauty routine involving moisturizers and such has folks commenting that they too want their dead skin scraped off with blades.

For those who don’t have the money to pay for fancy dermaplaning sessions with the blades, there’s a cheaper way to experience the same benefits. According to Houstonia, the Touch N Brow razor from Sally Beauty Supply works well for the dermaplaning process — just make sure to use clean blades and replace them often, after only three uses. That publication warns those who want to perform the dermaplaning process at home to shave with downward strokes — although other videos seem to show the shaving going on in other directions.

It can be a surprise to see how much hair and dead skin can be sloughed off the face through the dermaplaning process.

After dermaplaning, the faced can be washed and moisturized, so that the moisturizer can soak into the newly revealed fresh skin even better. It’s important to use clean razors to help prevent infections and acne. It’s also important not to shave the skin too harshly and not to shave it too often.


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