‘Cheers’ Actress Kirstie Alley Gushes Over New Grandson

Kirstie Alley is gushing over her very first grandson, introducing little Waylon Tripp Parker to the world via her social media accounts. Waylon is a first child for Kirstie’s son, William True Stevenson. While playing grandmother may be her favorite role at the moment, Ms. Alley has also been busy reuniting with former Cheers cast members John Ratzenberger and George Wendt for a special Jenny Craig campaign in which Kirstie celebrates maintaining her new weight.

Kirstie Alley Welcomes Her First Grandchild Into The World

The Cheers actress shared the happy news on Tuesday, June 21, posting a picture of herself with her newly born grandson, Waylon. Kirstie spilled the secret, something she had been hinting to on Twitter previously, and added that she was feeling blissful that her son was now the father of a boy of his own. Ms. Alley followed up the first picture with a second one in which the new addition snuggled up to dad, William Stevenson, while wrapped in a blanket.

“Just GOTTA send one more..proud Grammy,” Kirstie captioned the picture.

Together with her ex-husband Parker Stevenson, Kirstie Alley adopted William in 1992, just two years before they adopted a girl, Lillie, who is now 22-years-old.

Jenny Craig Sponsors A Cheers Reunion To Celebrate Kirstie Alley’s Milestone

It’s been 23 years since Kirstie Alley last played Rebecca Howe on Cheers, but the sitcom still lives on in the hearts of the fans, as well as in the hearts of the show’s stars, so reuniting to celebrate Alley’s weight loss achievements seemed like the perfect idea. Kirstie may be as well known for being a Jenny Craig spokesperson as she is for her Cheers role, so Kirstie reveals she was eager to bring the two aspects of her life together, yet she was reluctant to do something that seemed rushed or poorly put together.

“When they asked me to do the commercial, I had a lot of consideration that it was an iconic show – I didn’t want to walk onto some set that looks artificial,” says Kirstie.

Ms. Alley need not have worried. Jenny Craig wasn’t about to put their name to something with a cheaply made appearance. The company went to great lengths to recreate the Cheers bar in all of its glory.

“Honestly, when John [Ratzenberger] and George [ Wendt] and I walked on, it was a little bit like The Twilight Zone because it was an exact duplicate,” says Alley. “It was crazy. I didn’t think anybody would ever be able to replicate that set like that.”

As for the reunion, Kirstie says it was as though no time had passed at all. Even two and a half decades later, Kirstie, John, and George were joking around and sharing laughs as though they had been making new Cheers memories throughout the intervening years.

The Cheers reunion was brought about to celebrate the fact that Kirstie has kept off the 50 pounds she lost through the Jenny Craig system, but Ms. Alley reveals she might not have reached this new milestone at all. She says she was so relieved to have lost the weight and to have regained her former beauty that she felt the battle was over.

“This time I thought, ‘OK, what is the goal? What is the time span of the goal?’ I really looked at it as this is my life, and until I’m dead basically, I am going to keep this this way, instead of like, ‘Oh, I lost 50 pounds and now I can do whatever I want.’ I don’t have that anymore … my goal is to keep this and maintain this throughout my life.”

Ms. Alley admits that she did have her relapses and that, after falling into her former eating habits, she did regain the weight. After recognizing that she was regaining the pounds and feeling hurt by the criticism she received for not keeping the weight off, Kirstie says she went back to Jenny Craig and she adds that she doesn’t feel at all ashamed for that.

“I think when people lose weight and the weight comes back on them, they get sort of embarrassed, and they maybe are hesitant to come back to something, but I just came back to what had been successful for me,” says Kirstie Alley. “I would just say, ‘Come on back, come on home. Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us!'”

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