Prince DNA Tested Against ‘Long Lost Heir’ And The Results Are In

Earlier the Inquisitr reported that Prince might have a son out there, well as it turns out, Prince is definitely not the father of convicted felon Carlin Q. Williams.

According to TMZ, Williams had his DNA tested, and the results came in and were not in Williams’ favor. The results were that there was a 0.0 percent chance that Carlin was Prince’s son. That said, this case was interesting for several reasons. One of them being that Williams was saying he was the son of Prince before the singer died.

Usually, when a famous musician dies, especially one who was worth millions, people come out of the wood work to collect, but for Williams, he just wanted to prove to people that he was Prince’s son. Of course after Prince died, it became a more pressing issue.

As we reported, Carlin’s mother was insisting that she had a one night stand with Prince, after meeting him at a hotel in 1976. Prior to the DNA results, Marsha J Henson, Carlin’s mother was shopping around an exclusive interview to talk about her night with Prince. She was charging anywhere up to $400,000 to $500,000 per interview.

The question of who Carlin’s father was came up when the man was in prison. The papers filed by William’s attorney stated:

“Mr. Williams’s criminal history started, unsurprisingly, with drug cases. He was convicted of trafficking crack cocaine at age 25 and possession of crack cocaine at 27. At age 31, Williams violated an order of protection and forced his way into an unarmed female’s residence and later he resisted arrest by the officers.”

As we reported Williams wasn’t the only person to claim that Prince is his father. Since Prince has died others have come forward to claim that they are the offspring of the Purple Rain singer, or are in some other way related to him. Regina Sorenson, a woman from Wisconsin, has claimed that she is the half-sister of Prince.

According to TMZ, Sorenson, “filed docs saying she and Prince had the same father. In the docs she says there is a trust, and she should be included in any DNA testing of potential heirs.”

Then there’s the case of Norman Yates Carthens, the South Carolina man decided to write a letter to the estate of Prince after his death.

“My name is Norman Yates Cathens and this is my written statement. I’m the adopted son of Prince Rogers Nelson and I know my father has a will because I’m a heir listed in it. My dad was giving me $7,000,000. So I’m putting a $7,000,000 claim on the estate because I’m a heir and I have proof.”

As for Carthens, he has yet to take a DNA test as he has a scheduled hearing for his case on June 27.

So far, Prince’s sister Tyka hasn’t commented on any of Prince’s “long lost children.”

As we noted, this isn’t the first time a musician’s estate has had to deal with “lost heirs and heiresses.” When Michael Jackson died, several people tried to come forward to collect from his estate.

Months after the King of Pop’s death, a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson claimed that she was MJ’s daughter out of a love affair that allegedly happened between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross’ sister Barbara. That story didn’t get much traction because Barbara Ross responding calling the story “delusional” and “bizarre.” Ross also said that the woman in question harassed her offices as well.

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