Iowa Drivers Spooked By Mysterious ‘Men In Black’ Seen On Roads At Night, Sheriff Asks For Help

The Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department is asking for help in solving the case of mysterious “men in black” entering the roadways at night. Numerous drivers have reported that men dressed in black trench coats are entering roadways in Muscatine County late at night. The mysterious figures will then approach the driver’s side door of the vehicle. After receiving numerous complaints of the frightening men, the sheriff’s department is asking for help from the public.

KWQC reports that a number of “men in black” sightings have been reported in Muscatine County over the past few weeks. So many sightings have been reported that the sheriff’s department is now asking the public for help in identifying the men behind the black trench coats. In a Facebook plea, the sheriff’s department asks that anyone who encounters the “men in black” to call 911 immediately so that an officer can respond and identify the subjects. They note that they have received calls to the sheriff’s office about the men and have noted similar incidents being reported on Facebook.

Following the Facebook post, many area residents have responded by noting that the men have been “going on for a while,” with one woman claiming her daughter saw the “men in black” three or four weeks ago. The woman says that her daughter saw the men while driving home late at night on HWY 22. However, she says the daughter just shrugged off the incident so she didn’t report it to authorities.

“This has been going on for awhile, my daughter and her boyfriend saw them 3-4 weeks ago on hwy 22. She told me about it but didn’t seem too concerned so I just shrugged it off as a strange occurance. She didn’t seem scared just thought it was really weird.”

One resident, RJ Strong notes that he phoned in the issue to the sheriff’s department after reading about other people’s encounters but notes that he posted about the incident on his personal Facebook account right after it happened.

“I called and left a message with dispatch. I encountered these same things/people/idiots on Ogilvie ave/ F ave in southern Muscatine county northern Louisa County on Sunday night/Monday morning 6/12 6/13 around 2am. I posted about the encounter on my Facebook page immediately after it happened. (So you can see that this isn’t made up) several days before people started reporting these actions on highway 22.”

Numerous other residents say they have also seen the strange men in black. While walking in the street wearing black at night is not against the law, Fox News notes it is spooking residents and that some claim the men approach their driver’s side door. According to the reports received, the men either remain at the side of the road or enter the roadway and approach the vehicle. It does not appear that any of the late night drivers have stopped.

While police are investigating, numerous internet sleuths are trying to identify the strange beings. Some claim they could be visitors from another planet while others say it is likely just teens trying to have some late night fun at the expense of the drivers. One woman says it is a game played among teens called “playing Slender Man,” in which the teen dresses in the black trench coat and tries to scare people. One man says it could be the same “men in black” videoed at locations following strange activity such as UFO sightings.

What do you think? Are the mysterious “men in black” just teens playing a prank on locals, or could there be a more sinister plot?

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