Depressed Woman Fed Herself To The Crocodiles

A depressed 36-year-old woman is believed to have committed suicide by feeding herself to the crocodiles. The Thai woman told her husband that she was going to see a doctor and then was planning on visiting a popular local tourist attraction, a reptile farm and zoo in Samut Prakarn.

Sunai Jisathra, 55, became concerned when his wife, Tiphawan, did not return home. Workers at the Bangkok area facility saw a female fitting Tiphawan’s physical description intentionally jump into a crocodile pit, the Daily Mail reports.

Jisathra noted he was not shocked about his wife’s suicide, stating that she had been sad for a long time and that the couple had money problems. He felt his spouse had committed suicide to escape from her troubles.

The zoo was the first of its kind in the country and is currently the largest crocodile habitat in the world. The Bangkok area facility houses more than 60,000 of the massive reptiles. Trained performers host a variety of animal shows, and often catch the deadly creatures with their bare hands. Thousands of local and visiting families tour the facility daily. Samut Prakarn is located approximately 25 miles from Bangkok.

Asia One News reports that officials at the Thai zoo deny that anyone took their own life on the property by throwing themselves into an animal habitat. Although the widower does not plan on filing any charges against the Samut Prakarn farm, he is seeking full details about the incident. Jisathra claims that accidents at Thailand tourist attractions are often covered up.

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