‘Game Of Thrones’ Forgotten Scene Means Sansa Stark And Jon Snow Could Be In Real Trouble

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead; you’ve been warned.

When Littlefinger’s army of Vale knights came charging over the hill to rescue Jon Snow from certain death in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, fans across the country cheered.

Nothing in Game of Thrones is ever that easy, however, and a forgotten scene from Season 5 means Jon Snow and Sansa Stark could be in real trouble.

The scene from Season 5, Episode 6, covers a conversation between Petyr Baelish and Cersei Lannister with Littlefinger offering to attack Winterfell with an army of Vale knights.

Cersei want to know what he wants as a reward for taking the Northern citadel and Littlefinger replies with a profession of loyalty for House Lannister.

“Name me Warden of the North … I will not rest until the Lion flies over Winterfell.”

Cersei is understandably pleased with the prospect of taking the Stark home without risking her own troops, but doesn’t quite trust Littlefinger.

“I’ll know you’re a man of your word when I see Sansa Stark’s head on a spike.”

That’s not the best sign for Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, or their army, seeing as the Vale knights are already occupying Winterfell, as the writers over at Refinery29 report.

Game of Thrones fans cheered when Ramsay Bolton was eaten by his dogs and the Stark banner was once again raised over Winterfell, but the loss of Wun Wun the giant means the loss of a key ally.

For now, the key to Westeros appears to be in the hands of Petyr Baelish. He could kill Sansa and Jon Snow, grab the North for himself, and claim the royal decree — Cersei no longer holds power in King’s Landing, but presumably the dictate from the throne still stands.

On the other hand, the knights of the Vale aren’t too pleased with House Lannister and any alliance would prove problematic at best, so it’s possible Littlefinger could turn south with his army.

With the North sure to rally around Sansa and Jon Snow, an alliance with the so far unblooded army of the Vale would give Littlefinger one of the largest forces left in Westeros.

That would mean trouble for the Tyrell and Lannister alliance whose main problem at the moment appears to be fighting the newly reformulated Faith Militant.

Whatever happens, Sansa’s situation is anything but uncomplicated even though the number of bad guys floating around Game of Thrones has greatly diminished.

Ramsay’s dead, eaten by his dogs, Joffrey choked on poison, Tywin was killed with an arrow through his chest, Viserys died when he was given a golden crown, and even Ser Alliser Thorne got what he deserved when he was hanged.

Now, with Cersei Lannister no longer in control of the king, the only real bad guy left in Westeros is Walder Frey, or possibly Euron Greyjoy, the new king of the Iron Islands.

It’s also hard to see the High Sparrow as a bad guy, even though he’s in charge of the Faith Militant and he’s threatening to kill Loras Tyrell for being gay, but there’s always the White Walkers to fear.

They’re the biggest threat facing Westeros, and indeed all of mankind, as every battle we’ve seen leaves them with a bigger army.

As the hit HBO show Game of Thrones approaches the end of the sixth season, we’re sure to be in for a twist. Will the tentative alliance between Ser Davos Seaworth and the Lady Melisandre continue? Where are Jaime and Bronn headed with the Lannister army? Will the High Sparrow decide to kill Loras for being gay?

Perhaps the most important question is what will Littlefinger decide to do with Sansa Stark now that he’s taken Winterfell?

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