Jinger Duggar Courtship: Jeremy Vuolo Shares The Couple’s Full Courting Story In His Own Words

The Duggar family recently made a big announcement that will likely secure another season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On. Jinger Duggar announced that she is courting Jeremy Vuolo, a former professional soccer player. Though the announcement was just made this week, Jeremy Vuolo reveals that he asked Jim Bob if he could “get to know” Jinger last December which paved the way for their relationship.

Jinger and Jeremy revealed their courtship in true Duggar fashion by releasing an exclusive video on the TLC website. In the video, Jinger notes that she met Jeremy last May but that things got more serious when they both attended a mission trip in Central America together. Following their time in the mission field, Jinger says that Jeremy asked her father if he could “get to know” her better. She says the rest is “history.”

Jeremy confirms the story and goes into more detail on his personal blog. Jeremy says that it was happenstance that he ever met Jinger and the Duggar family. The former professional soccer player turned pastor recalls that he met Ben and Jessa Seewald while they were in San Antonio visiting. Ben and Jessa were apparently visiting San Antonio and had nothing to do. Therefore, Ben called up a friend from the area for some advice on things to do. The friend was working and could not hang out with the couple but suggested that they attend a local church fellowship meeting that was being held at Jeremy Vuolo’s house. The pair decided to go and ended up sparking up a friendship with Jeremy.

“I met Ben and Jessa Seewald through an interesting happenstance: Ben and Jess were in San Antonio for a few hours on a Sunday night. Ben called a buddy of his to see if there was anything going on for them to do while in San Antonio for the evening but, providentially, that buddy of his was working. So he suggested to Ben that they go to a church fellowship that was happening at my house and it was there, at that fellowship, that I met Ben and Jess for the first time.”

Jeremy says he hit it off with Ben Seewald and the pair stayed in contact via text messages and phone calls. A few months later, Jeremy took a trip to Arkansas to visit the Seewalds and also got the chance to meet the Duggars. This was the first time he would also meet Jinger. Jeremy says he didn’t initially know that the encounter would lead to a courtship. However, after visiting the Seewalds numerous times over the course of the year, he began praying about pursuing a relationship with the Duggar daughter.

“Over the rest of that year I would visit the Seewald’s every so often and have the chance to interact with all of the Duggars and get to know Jinger a bit. However, it was not until months later that I began praying about the possibility of pursuing a relationship with her.”

Jeremy notes that Jessa and Ben confirmed all the things he thought he knew about Jinger and his desire to pursue her was confirmed when they went on a mission trip together in Central America. Following the trip, Jeremy says he knew that he wanted to “get to know” Jinger more and asked Jim Bob for his permission. The Duggar patriarch agreed and the pair obviously feel that there is something between them to pursue in regards to marriage as they have officially began courting, which is “dating with purpose.”

If the other Duggar daughters are any indication, another Duggar wedding is likely on the horizon. What do you think about Jinger’s boyfriend? Do you think we will have another Duggar wedding or engagement by the end of the year?

[Image via Facebook/Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar]