Who Is Michelle Meyer Of ‘Big Brother’ Season 18?

Michelle Meyer is one of the houseguests set to compete this summer on Season 18 of Big Brother. There has been some early buzz regarding this contestant, and BB18 viewers will definitely want to know more about her. What’s the scoop?

As Michelle Meyer’s CBS profile details, she is 23-years-old and hails from Washington Township, Michigan. She recently completed school and works as a nutritionist, and she considers herself to be quite curious, bubbly, and quirky. This Big Brother 18 contestant is a seasoned fan of the show from the sounds of things, and she enjoys working out, cooking, photography, reading, and diving into Reddit threads.

There has been a lot of buzz online about Meyer so far, especially on Twitter. Michelle’s sisters are apparently running the @MichelleMBB18 Twitter page, but there have been one or two imposters out there, and things are getting a bit wild with the posts already. Will this BB18 contestant’s personality be as exuberant as the ones her sisters seem to have?

While this BB18 contestant has been a blonde during some of her past days, she’s gone with a brunette hue for this summer. Meyer’s sisters think she will do quite well this season, noting that Michelle has a very sweet side, can win over a crowd, loves to joke and play around, and has a great wit.

Big Brother super fans always have strategies pre-planned when they head into the house, but those strategies devised as a super fan at home do not always translate well when it is time to truly play the game. Will Michelle be an exception this summer? She makes it clear that she will lie as needed to get ahead, and she would much rather be hated and win than to be loved and lose.

One challenge that Meyer may face is that she tends to go to bed early, and as fans know, a lot of key action happens late at night. Michelle is well aware of this, and it will be interesting to see how she adjusts her typical preferences to ensure she isn’t getting cut out by the late night game playing. Michelle also worries that she won’t be able to get as much exercise as she wants during her time in the house, but viewers know that the contestants do tend to get creative on this front.

Michelle admits that sometimes in her past, she has found herself in trouble for being gossipy, and that can definitely be a problem in the Big Brother house. She says that she loved Ian Terry from Season 14, and she thinks her approach to the BB18 game might be somewhat similar.

How does Meyer plan to approach BB18 this summer? Michelle says that she will play hard in the competitions and if she gets the opportunity to be Head of Household, she will make sure she takes out a threat. She plans to be friendly and find a solid alliance to stick with, and she will also hang back a bit to let other houseguests implode on their own, perhaps with a bit of assistance.

Meyer says she will be manipulative, but in a passive way, and viewers should expect to see her downplay how much she wants to win. Michelle says she is open to the idea of a showmance if she thinks it will help her, and she isn’t averse to letting herself look weak if it ultimately improves her position. She definitely has some stiff competition in the house, as there are two contestants who are siblings to previous players. In addition, fellow houseguest Bronte D’Acquisto is garnering a lot of pre-season buzz as well.

This BB18 contender says that her life motto is to “Be underestimated,” and it is clear that she plans to use that to her advantage. Will Michelle Meyer’s early strategies work for her once the twists and turns start popping up in the Big Brother 18 house? The action is about to get started, and fans cannot wait to see how things play out this summer.

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