Sony finalizes specs for a 2TB flash memory stick

Back at CES 2009 Sony was bragging that they were working on a 2TB size flash drive but at that point they still hadn’t got all their ducks in row – hence they have nothing concrete to show off. That could all change soon as the company said today that they have finalized all the specifications surround the 2TB flash drive.

A new page on Sony’s website has listed all of the details for the Memory Stick XC, which is really exciting especially considering that the form factor for these new flash cards are (on paper) the same as pre-existing memory sticks, which means that these high capacity juggernauts are most likely backwards compatible. The entire cast and crew are back, including Duo, Micro, and the HG variants. Additionally, the XC series also uses the much more efficient exFAT file system, while the PRO series uses FAT12/16/32. The 2TB Memory Stick Duo picture used in this story is a photoshop by yours truly, but this won’t be much different than the real thing. License agreements for the Memory Stick XC are now available to interested hardware manufacturers.

Source: Sony Insider :: Sony Finalizes Backwards Compatible Memory Stick XC With 2TB Maximum Capacity

hat tip to FreshBump