Ramona Singer Says Luann’s Relationship With Thomas Is ‘Built On Lies’

Ramona Singer has been dating since her marriage to Marion Singer came to an end last year. Despite trying to give her marriage her best effort, Mario had no interest in letting go of his mistress, Kasey Dexter. These days, Singer is trying to move on and she’s been dating a few men here and there. And as it turns out, Singer has dated a man who had hooked up with Sonja Morgan and who is now engaged to Luann de Lesseps. And it sounds like Singer is questioning why Luann is hanging out with Thomas, considering how much he has stretched the truth.

According to a new Radar Online report, Ramona Singer reveals that she would not be in a relationship which has been built on lies. Singer is convinced that Thomas lied to Luann about his previous relationships with the Real Housewives of New York co-stars. For one, D’Agostino had convinced the Countess that he only went out with Ramona Singer a few times, but Ramona has revealed that they were serious and had gone out a dozen times.

“I don’t think relationships should be built on lies,” Singer, 59, revealed about her co-star’s new relationship, adding, “He said him and I went out once or twice. Why? We went out a dozen times! Why be deceitful?”


Bethenny Frankel had also chimed in on the conversation, revealing that she had seen Singer out on a date with Thomas and he had appeared completely smitten with her. In other words, it wasn’t just Ramona’s story that Luann had to deal with. There had been eyewitnesses to them dating and D’Agostino had apparently been very happy with Ramona. And Singer would have loved it if the Countess would have given her a heads up before dating a man, who she had clearly been involved with.

“LuAnn, he knew was living with Sonja and he never told her that they were lovers,” Singer revealed, adding “Why would [he] not disclose he was with Sonja repeatedly? Who cares!”

“With Luann, of course she can date whomever she wants,” Singer explains, adding, “I thought we were developing a true friendship. I was disappointed. She should’ve said, ‘The guy you were dating, I am now.’ Just giving the heads up, not permission, the courtesy!”

Of course, Ramona Singer learned later that her friend, Sonja Morgan, had dated Tom before she had even met him. And while Ramona had just gone on a few dates with him, Morgan had actually hooked up with him. So when she learned about the Countess dating D’Agostino, she revealed she was shocked to learn it was “her Tom.” And Ramona does find it weird that he wouldn’t say anything, given they were friends.

“I find it very strange that he would ask me on dates knowing I’m so close to Sonja and that they were lovers,” she confessed, sharing that she had no idea that Thomas had been with Morgan until Morgan herself brought it up much later.


In her blog for The Real Housewives of New York, Singer reveals that she only opened up about her experience with the man to protect her.

“I did not want Luann to get set up to get hurt. Let’s face it she was only eight weeks in with Tom, and I was nervous for her as I could see how crazy she was for him. I did not share my thoughts that perhaps Luann was more caught up in the idea of being in love and getting married than actually being in love with Tom,” Ramona Singer had written in her blog for the show, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Ramona Singer’s comments that de Lesseps’ relationship is built on lies?

[Photo by Mike McGregor/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald]