Queen Elizabeth Demands To Be Given Three Reasons Why Britain Shouldn’t Quit The EU

In the United Kingdom everyone and their pet bulldog has a firm opinion on the forthcoming EU referendum, and it would appear Queen Elizabeth is no exception.

The Telegraph reports that Her Majesty, ever keen to know which way the wind is blowing amongst her subjects, has been canvassing opinion over the dinner table, by asking her “partners in dine” to — “Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe.”

As questions go, it doesn’t beat around the bush and goes straight for the jugular with a refreshing directness many of the “right honorable gentleman” in the Houses of Parliament appear strangely incapable of.

Yet when one is sovereign, and figurehead of a country, it pays to get straight to the point.

Her Majesty’s biographer, Robert Lacey, revealed that the Queen has been asking the leading question of her table companions for some time now, and it’s been suggested that considering her Royal Highness is asking for three reasons to remain, as opposed for three reasons to leave, she is a keen supporter of Britain making a complete exit from the European Union.

Mr. Lacey explained that the Queen loves a bit of forthright discussion and the EU referendum has been a hot potato of a topic for some time now.

“She asked the question in the context of a general debate — she loves a bit of forthright discussion and this sort of remark is tossed around the dinner table like a ping-pong ball. That is the way she frames her questions.”

Buckingham Palace will neither confirm or deny if the Queen has been garnering people’s opinions on the EU referendum over mouthfuls of veal and port, but there have been previous claims that the Queen would like nothing more than to wave goodbye to the EU for good.

“We would not comment on private conversations the Queen may or may not have had, but the Queen is above politics, has remained politically neutral for the 64 years of her reign and we are very clear that the EU referendum is a matter for the British people.”

Although the Queen is officially supposed to adopt a politically neutral stance at all times, during the Scottish referendum debate in 2014, she suggested in a conversation with a member of the public that she hoped the Scottish people would “think very carefully” about which way they voted.

In May, the public also discovered the Queen had very strong opinions on the “very rude” Chinese delegation which had recently visited London.

If the Queen is in favor of Brexit, it may come as a surprise to many. Her Majesty’s beloved “Grandpapa England,” King George V, originally carried the very Germanic surname of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, before it was changed for obvious reasons during World War I to Windsor.

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, also has roots firmly embedded in Europe — he was born a Danish Prince of Greece.

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As Lacey writes in the Daily Beast, “Our ‘British’ monarchy is a mongrel miracle built of European components—and a testament, through all its ups and downs, to the virtues of sharing sovereignty and of working together towards the complexities of a common compromise.”

How much “working together” and “common compromise” the royal family shares with the British public is of course open to debate, as is the difference between Europe and the EU. One you could suggest is of the people, and the other of greedy elites.

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Of course, one wonders if the Queen is asking her table companions for “three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe,” purely as a means to shut them up.

Many in Britain would be stumped by the exact same question. In fact, even those who are stridently in the remain camp have failed to articulate one good reason why Britain should stay in the EU.

Yet if the Queen were to ask for “three good reasons why Britain should leave Europe,” well then, no doubt Her Majesty would be listening until the morning after the EU referendum itself to a tale of an edifice built on lies, a sacrifice of sovereignty, a shrine to incompetence, a church to corruption, a throttling red tape of rules and regulations, an empire built on the back of individual countries, the sacrifice of entire generations on the altar of greed, an unelected commission, and the bumbling bombast of bureaucrats. In short, a bad idea Britain could well do without.

Perhaps Tony Benn said it best during the last referendum of 1975, as Britain rushed head first to sign up to an undemocratic body run in the interest of elites.

“I can think of no body outside the Kremlin that has such power without a shred of accountability.”

So if you happen to bump into Queen Elizabeth in the gym or at the mall in the next 24 hours, and she happens to ask you personally if you know three good reasons why Britain should remain part of Europe, then do let us know how you replied by sounding off in the comments section below.

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