‘The Talk’ Season 3 Premiere; Hosts And Guests Go Au Naturel [Video]

The Talk hosts and soap opera diva guests will bare all their imperfections during the Season 3 premiere on September 10. None of the daytime performers will wear make-up during the first episode of the new season. Stars from The Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful will join The Talk interviewers for the “Take It All Off” broadcast.

CBS commentators Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen will leave the blush, eye shadow and false eyelashes in their cosmetic bags during the unique premiere. Actresses usually only appear without make-up when caught off guard by stealthy paparazzi. Intentionally leaving the house sans cover-up for a television appearance has likely never been done before. Movie star Jamie Lee Curtis will also join clean-faced ladies on the couch.

Fall season premiere promos featuring the show’s commentators in white towels and sarongs certainly has generated a lot of buzz, and perhaps attracted some new viewers as well. Not only are the on-camera performers and guests shedding their base make-up, pressed powder and lipstick, so is the studio audience.

While it is doubtful that a single tv episode will encourage all women to skip the beauty paint on a regular basis, the broadcast will highlight the natural attributes of all women, regardless of age. Younger viewers may be inspired by seeing their favorite personalities stray from the stereotypical concept of attractiveness and tone down their own eye liner habits.

The entire first week of The Talk promises some exciting conversations. Guests scheduled to appear include Dr. Phil, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, fashion expert Tim Gunn, and gourmet chef Aaron Sanchez, according to MSN. Brooke Shields will serve as a guest co-host during the second half of the week.

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