Queen Elizabeth II Sends Personal Thank You Tweet, Gets Hit By Twitter Trolls

Age is no barrier to using social media it seems, as Queen Elizabeth II takes to Twitter to thank everyone for their kind online 90th birthday wishes. Naturally, the internet being the internet, there was also a trollish response.

As reported on The Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth recently posed with the royal corgis for a Vanity Fair cover and photo spread to celebrate her milestone 90th birthday.

While the Queen’s actual birthday is April 21, the “official” birthday was only celebrated recently with various events, making it seem like her Majesty’s birthday was going on forever. Most recently, The Inquisitr reported on the spectacular “Trooping of the Colour” event in London which happened a couple of weeks ago.

However, now that Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday is over and done, she has decided to personally take to the Twittersphere to thank everyone for their “digital messages of goodwill.”

She posted Tuesday to the Royal Family’s official Twitter account, “I am most grateful for the many digital messages of goodwill I have received and would like to thank you all for your kindness,” signing the tweet, “Elizabeth R.”

Of course, people are skeptical in this digital age, and any old palace lackey could, in fact, send a tweet of this nature, so the family followed up a minute later with, “This tweet was personally sent by Her Majesty The Queen.”

Just in case, the family decided they had to go one step further and produce photographic evidence of the Queen sending the actual photo on her royal iPad around eight minutes later, saying, “The Queen has tweeted to thank all who have sent messages of goodwill on social media for her Birthday #Queenat90.”

There was some humor involved in the responses to the various royal tweets with at least one Twitter user suggesting the Queen should take a selfie. Or would that be a “Quelfie?”

Another user noted how uncomfortable the Queen’s sitting position is, saying: “The Buckingham Palace health & safety department will be all over that office desk / chair set up. Posture killer.”

Another noted: “@RoyalFamily Happy 90th! Is that an iPad on your desk or are you an Android Queen?”

Not to hog all the spotlight for Queen Elizabeth, the royal family took to Twitter again on Tuesday to wish Prince William a happy 34th birthday, with a rather more informal photo of his royal highness and helicopter, accompanied by her royal highness, saying: “Wishing The Duke of Cambridge a very Happy Birthday today! #HappyBirthdayHRH.”

According to a report by the Mirror Online, this isn’t the first time her Majesty has personally used Twitter. Back in 2014, she sent her very first tweet when she opened a new Science Museum exhibition with the message: “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the Science Museum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.”

In their report, however, the Mirror noted how many people responded to the Queen’s latest online sortie, some with humor as mentioned above and many offering good wishes to the brand new “nonagenarian.”

However, trolls will be trolls, and others responded in a nastier tone. Among many, user @Mrheats8, simply replied with the word “s***,” prompting many to jump to the Queen’s defense, pointing out how disrespectful the tweet was.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Cool, I don’t f*****g care” with someone immediately adding: “delete your account” in a reply tweet.

One just has hope Elizabeth R. didn’t take to Twitter again to read too much further.

[Photo by Mary McCartney/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II via Getty Images]

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