Nikki Silas, Brittany Rojas: Two Exotic Dancers Found Nude Strangled In Bed, Bathtub In Harlem Apartment On 'The Perfect Murder' On ID

Nikki Silas and Brittany Rojas were two young exotic dancers who were found dead in their Harlem, New York, apartment almost 25 years ago. The documentary crime series The Perfect Murder on Investigation Discovery (ID) will detail their tragic murders. The episode, titled "Last Dance," will tell the story of two beautiful strippers who are found strangled to death in their West Harlem apartment and the NYC detectives who vow to find the killers.

FILE - In this file photo of Jan. 7, 1992, commuters bustle past Show World Center in New York's Times Square. The previous month, two topless dancers at the high-tech, porn palace were strangled in their Manhattan apartment, but interest in the case was minimal. "It happened during a busy news week," said police Lt. George Pagan. Crimes of the past few weeks seem to harken the city's bad old days, including a recent incident when hundreds of young people looking for trouble caused a ruckus near Times Square, leaving four people shot, two officers injured and dozens arrested. [Photo by AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File]Circumstances Of Death: December 19, 1992 --- Apt 5 211 West 109th Street, Harlem, New York

Nikki Silas and Brittany Rojas, aka Dalia Kabira Rojas, were found strangled in their West Harlem apartment by one of the building's employees. When detectives arrived, they found the naked body of Nikki Silas in her bed face up with a comforter on top of her, and Brittany Rojas lying face down and partially nude in the bathtub with a cord around her neck. An autopsy report determined that the women died from strangulation, according to the New York Daily News. A photo of the apartment building where the exotic dancers lived can be viewed here.


The murders looked like robbery could have been the motive, since several items were missing from the apartment. During the police investigation, detectives learned that the two topless dancers, who worked at the infamous strip club, Show World, in New York City, had a number of men who frequented the apartment all the time. There were a lot of male suspects, authorities stated.

Brittany And Nikki Were Gorgeous And Loved Big Spenders

People who remember them from the neighborhood say that Nikki Silas and Brittany Rojas always wore expensive clothing, including beautiful fur coats and lots of flashy gold jewelry. They had a lot of friends in the music world and were often seen with high-rolling rappers who picked them up in expensive cars.

Nikki Silas and Brittany Rojas had started appearing in music videos. They say both Nikki and Brittany appear in the Shabba Ranks, Johnny Gill video, "Slow And Sexy." Nikki Silas is well-remembered as "The Nun" in the video. They also appeared in one of Mariah Carey's videos from 1991 or early 1992, though it was too difficult to track that one down.

Court records show that the evidence in the case eventually led back to 24-year-old Kevin Ladson and 21-year-old Antoine Atterbury, who supposedly doubled dated the ladies on the night of their deaths. Ladson and Atterbury were arrested and charged two weeks after the murders, after a witness last saw them entering the apartment, the New York Daily News reported.
"A convicted cocaine dealer named Daniel Ramirez testified that he had seen Ladson wearing a red, Santa Claus-type cap, carrying this safe box inside the girls' apartment building, shortly after they were murdered."
New York City police investigators believed that the Nikki and Brittany were strangled after they rejected the men's sexual advances, reported the New York Daily News.
"The women's bodies were found Dec. 19, 1992, about 12 hours after a telephone call was placed from their apartment to Ladson's in Jamaica, Queens. Ladson told police he had met Rojas while he was working at a barbershop in Jamaica. Ladson said that the night before the slayings, Rojas called and invited him to her apartment. He and Atterbury then took a cab to Manhattan and spent the night at the women's apartment."

Kevin Ladson And Antoine Atterbury Today

This is a very old crime story, and there was little information available online. In fact, the case was not covered by many news outlets and failed to make national news.

Some Snippets Of What We Do Know

  • Not much is known about Brittany Rojas, who was born in the Dominican Republic. Her parents didn't talk about the case.
  • Brittany's body was sent back to her native land for burial.
  • Nikki Silas' family didn't talk about the case and wanted to maintain privacy.
  • Detective George Pagan stated that when her parents came to identify the body, they didn't seemed shocked at all and showed no expressions.
Some of the archived databases drop off before the killers were even convicted. We did a bit of research to find out whatever happened to the killers. Here's what we found.

Kevin Ladson

  • According to the New York Prison records, Kevin Ladson was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 40 years to life.
  • Kevin Ladson is still incarcerated somewhere in New York and is now married. Though he's still in prison, there is a profile for him on Facebook that is maintained by family members. The killers were from Far Rockaway, Queens.
Kevin Ladson in prison. [Image via Facebook]

Antoine Atterbury

  • From what we could find, it appears that Antoine Atterbury was only sentenced to seven to 21 years, and if this is indeed the same person, records show that he died in prison in 2002, just 10 years after Nikki Silas and Brittany Rojas' murder.
  • Antoine Atterbury was seen as somewhat of a basketball star in high school in Far Rockaway. Here is some footage that we found on Facebook, where his friends remember him fondly as a smiling, laughing guy who was fun to be around. Another poster stated that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people and ended up dying at a young age.
"He played for Far Rock, dude had a sweet lefty jump shot for days, so we were cool of the court. He was genuinely a good dude to know, his passing was unfortunate - long story........not really for an open discussion on Facebook, but sometime the company we keep can take us down inappropriate paths in life, sad case of wrong place, wrong time."
The West Harlem murders are similar to the "Career Girls Murder" of 1963. In that case, Janice Wylie, 21, and Emily Hoffert, 23, were found stabbed to death in their apartment on New York's Upper East Side.


You can watch the Nikki Silas, Brittany Rojas story dramatized tonight on The Perfect Murder at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Inquisitr recently featured the case of NYC landlord Carmen Quinones, who was also found dead in her East Harlem apartment, along with her lover.

[Photo by Michael Schmelling/AP]