Kylie Jenner & Tyga: Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna Preventing Reconciliation — Bonding Over Keeping Rapper Out Of ‘KUWTK’ Family

Now that Kylie Jenner is said to have reconciled with Tyga, Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian are hatching a plan in the hopes of making sure that the 18-year-old will come to her senses, understanding that she’s much better off without the rapper.

According to Hollywood Life, the entire Kardashian family weren’t too pleased when they heard that Kylie could potentially be hooking up with Tyga again. The couple’s reunion came just days ago when Jenner flew out to Jamaica for a music video that her supposed on-again boyfriend was shooting with a couple of friends.

From there, Tyga found himself being invited to North West’s birthday party two days ago — and from what is being said, it wasn’t Kim’s idea to have the 26-year-old there, it was Kylie Jenner’s. At this point, everyone is convinced that Kylie already broke things off with PartyNextDoor in order to make things work with Tyga again, but Kim isn’t happy, and neither is Blac Chyna.

Chyna, the mother of Tyga’s 3-year-old son Cairo, has been getting along great with Kylie ever since she dumped the “Rack City” hitmaker. In fact, it was even alleged that the socialite had confided in Chyna following her split with Tyga, telling her that the rapper quite often stood in the way for them to hash out their differences and move on from the past.

Many fans would recall Kylie and Chyna going at it on social media after it was famously reported that the former stripper was furious with the thought of a then 17-year-old Jenner stealing her boyfriend, leaving Blac all on her own with Cairo at a time when she needed Tyga the most.

Sources are now revealing that Kylie Jenner’s supposed reunion with her beau is worrying Chyna and Kim. They both seem to believe that Tyga will influence Kylie to go against the family and perhaps reignite her feud with the 28-year-old soon-to-be mother-of-two. In order to prevent any further chaos from erupting the peaceful atmosphere, Kim and Blac will do anything to stop Kylie from rekindling her romance with Tyga.

“Blac and Kim are getting together and staging what they’re calling a ‘man intervention’ for Kylie now that they’re hearing she’s back with Tyga. It’s Chyna’s idea and she’s convinced Kim to help her,” a source reveals.

“Blac’s family now and she cares about Kylie Jenner, and the last thing she wants is for Kylie to be hypnotized by him and fall back into his trap. Blac’s in no way trying to run Kylie’s life but she wants to help her sis out because she knows first hand that Tyga’s a liar and a cheater. Ultimately, Kylie’s going to make her own decision. But Blac simply wants to help prevent her from getting her heart broken all over again.”

Everyone in the family seems to think that Kylie Jenner is just being very naive since she’s publicly stressed that Tyga has been her first real love. Taking him back just one month after famously dumping him just goes to show that the reality star is not ready to give up on the relationship, despite having moved on with PartyNextDoor just days after the breakup was confirmed.

Either way, Blac Chyna doesn’t want to see Kylie back with Tyga, fearing that it’ll only bring trouble among the Kardashian household. Not only that, Chyna is also convinced that with the couple’s constant decision to break up and get back together, that alone should be a clear sign that they both just aren’t meant to be together.

It’s not that Blac wants to tell Kylie Jenner what to do, but by the look of things, Kim Kardashian is very much siding with Chyna on this one. The last thing Chyna wants right now is to be feuding with her future sister-in-law as she gears up for the birth of her child with Rob Kardashian in the next couple of months.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt, Jeff Spicer, and Greg Doherty/Getty Images]