Kris Jenner Dumping Corey Gamble, Convinced Boy Toy Loves Kourtney Kardashian — New ‘KUWTK’ Storyline?

Kris Jenner is reportedly heading for another split — this time with Corey Gamble, sources have alleged.

According to OK!, Kris recently learned about her boyfriend’s close friendship with her daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, who he has been spending a considerable amount of time with following her breakup with Scott Disick last year.

While Corey was said to have felt bad for Kourtney at first, considering she was raising three children all by herself, his caring and nurturing character is slowly but surely giving off the idea that he’s only behaving the way that he is because he’s secretly in love with the reality star.

Kris had been suspecting that something was going on for some time, and while she knows that Kourtney would never hook up with one of her mother’s boyfriends, the momager is beginning to display her jealous side — one that refuses to believe that Corey’s relationship with Kourtney is completely innocent.

“Kourtney feels terrible as she was relying heavily on him in the wake of Scott’s departure. But Kris is as cruel as she is heartless and she is NOT going to be humiliated like this,” a source tells the magazine.

It was just weeks ago when an episode on Keeping Up with the Kardashians saw the 35-year-old mother-of-two Kim Kardashian questioning Corey on why he had been spending so much time with Kourtney lately. Kim openly admitted in the episode that she definitely found it strange for Kris’ boyfriend to always be around her sister more than with Kris Jenner herself, but by the time Corey explained himself, everything made more sense.

Gamble stresses that he has never been around people that are so loving and caring, telling Kim that he certainly doesn’t come from a household of people that have been there for one another. So, when Corey learned about Kourtney’s split from longtime boyfriend Scott Disick, he wanted to support her in a way that would help her feel at ease with the pressure of raising three children all on her own.

Kim was almost brought to tears when she heard Corey’s confession, but with the report from OK! claiming that Kris Jenner is anything but happy about the whole thing, it appears as if this romance will soon be over. On top of the fact that Kris is strongly convinced that Gamble wants Kourtney more than he wants her, she’s beginning to lose interest in the man she has been with for almost 2 years.

It’s unclear whether the two have already broken up, but social media users have taken to their official accounts, telling their followers that they are far from convinced that Kris Jenner is giving up on her relationship with Corey. And if she is, it’ll only be until the production crew for the family’s reality show have all the shots they need to stage a fake episode for the sake of TV ratings.

The Kardashians are famously known to stage and script events for their show, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to eventually hear that this whole situation will be played out in an upcoming episode of KUWTK.

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