Mysterious ‘Men In Black’ Sighted All Over Iowa County In Recent Weeks

Mysterious “men in black” have been spotted all over Muscatine County, Iowa, in recent weeks. While it might sound funny, or perhaps like something out of horror movies, the repeated sightings of the men in black have local motorists spooked and law enforcement concerned. As KWQC reports, the sightings of the mysterious men in black seem to be increasing, and nobody knows who they are, what they are doing, or what they could possibly want.

R.J. Strong of Port Lousia, Iowa, told his men in black story to the local media. His encounter with the mysterious man took place about a week ago, and he originally shared it to social media because he was so freaked out by what he encountered. Reportedly, the Iowa resident was spooked by a mysterious figure as he drove near Ogilvie and F avenues in Muscatine County. As he put it, he saw “some weirdo walking down the paved road in a black trench coat.”

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When he encountered the man in black, it was nearly 2 a.m. on Monday, June 13.

Alone, his sighting wouldn’t have meant much. Sometimes weirdos go for early morning strolls; it’s part of the nature of being a weirdo. However, multiple other Iowa residents have reported similar sightings of the mysterious men in black on social media in recent weeks, and the trend has locals and law enforcement concerned.

According to the recent rash of reports of mysterious men in black sightings in the Iowa county, the mysterious individuals are being seen standing alongside roadways at odd hours of the morning or late night. Sometimes, the men in black step into the road while motorists drive by. All of the sightings have been in Muscatine County, which is located in Southeastern Iowa.

Some residents and their family members report being frightened by their encounters with the mysterious men in black, including Beatrice Wilson Strong.

“My son has experienced this and it’s no joke. It was really a frightening experience to him.”

Others say that they know several people who have seen the mysterious men in black in the area.

“It’s happened to a few friends of mine out on [Highway] 22.”

According to the county sheriff’s department, they’ve had multiple reports of men in black sightings in the area, and they shared the information on their Facebook page, telling local residents the following.

“We have had several reports of ‘men dressed in black’ entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County.”

The sightings of the men in black in the Iowa county have been so frequent and so bizarre that the sheriff’s office is asking anyone who sees the mysterious men in black to call 911 right away.

Multiple residents in Muscatine County have reported to the local media that the same, or similar, men in black have actually been seen on private property, walking through people’s yards and the like.

Not surprisingly, the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office’s post about the mysterious men in black sighting has generated a lot of buzz, and none to little humor. However, according to the authorities in the area, it’s really no laughing matter. Men in black stepping out onto a dark roadway can be dangerous. Not to mention that the sightings of the men in black are seriously and legitimately freaking out the locals.

The Sheriff’s Office insists that the men in black matter is being taken seriously, and investigators are truly hoping that the public can provide information to help them get to the bottom of the mysterious sightings.

A lot of locals think that the men in black may be harmless pranksters, but many of those who have seen them were so disturbed by the sightings that they believe that something more nefarious than a simple prank is going on in Iowa.

What do you think? Are the Iowa men in black sightings just people pulling pranks? Could they be criminals up to no good? Or, is there something darker and more disturbing behind the rash of mysterious men in black sightings in Iowa?

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