Will Brookelyn Farthing Ever Be Found? Teen Missing For 3 Years

Missing Kentucky teen Brookelyn Farthing still hasn’t been found, and it’s now been 3 years since anyone has seen or heard from her. Over the course of the past three years, this case went from hot to cold in what seemed like the blink of an eye. While it seems that detectives are at a standstill in this case, WKYT News reports that the family of the missing 18-year-old is still searching for answers behind her mysterious disappearance.

What the family wants most of all is to know what happened to Brookelyn. Her family knows that someone out there is hiding a secret that could bring their family closure after the past 3 years of fear, heartache and confusion. Randal Walker, Farthing’s stepfather, has spoken out on the eve of the third anniversary of Brookelyn Farthing’s disappearance.

“There’s definitely someone out there who knows what happened. You can’t just walk off the face of the earth without someone knowing you fell.”

Tomorrow will be the third anniversary of Brookelyn’s disappearance, and it has been a very long time since authorities have released any investigative updates in the case. It seems that they keep coming up with dead-ends, which have only been more frustrating as questions continue to pile up surrounding what might have happened to the 18-year-old Kentucky teen.

When Brookelyn Farthing disappeared on June 22, 2013, it wasn’t immediately apparent that she was in any danger. However, not long after news of the teen’s disappearance broke in the media, suspicious details began to arise. For starters, a house fire had broken out where Brookelyn was last seen, and items belonging to her were found in the home. Authorities acknowledged in 2013 that these items would ordinarily stay on her person, and not be left behind somewhere. Furthermore, the cellphone belonging to the missing teen was nowhere to be found. It became immediately apparent that something terrible may have happened to Brookelyn.

Fears surrounding her disappearance only intensified as time passed with no answers. In August 2013, it was revealed that she had sent a distraught text to a friend of hers before she vanished. On the last night she was ever heard from or seen, she texted several friends trying to find a ride home. She also texted her ex-fiancé and begged him to get her. She told him that he needed to hurry “because I’m scared.”

On the night of Brookelyn Farthing’s disappearance, she had attended a party with a friend. However, her friend left her at the residence after they had gotten into an argument. At some point after being abandoned by her friend, Brookelyn became uncomfortable for some reason. If the reason is known by detectives, then it has not been released to the public.

What was she so afraid of the night she went missing?

Will Brookelyn Farthing ever be found? It’s hard to tell after so many years have passed, and almost half of that time has gone by with little to no updates in the investigation and search. Meanwhile, her loved ones are trying to remain hopeful that they will get some kind of closure.

[Photo via Madison County Sheriff]

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