Stephanie Hollman Of ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Said Working With LeeAnne Locken Was ‘Scary’

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 1 is a wrap, and Stephanie Hollman is speaking up about what it was like filming with the self-proclaimed “villain” of the show, LeeAnne Locken. Early in the season, Stephanie found herself in the middle of drama between her best friend Brandi Redmond and Locken. However, Hollman, who hates confrontation, was also sometimes an easy target for LeeAnne’s rage.

LeeAnne Locken revealed during Sunday night’s Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion episode that she is now in therapy for anger management. Stephanie Hollman is glad because she feels it is much-needed. Stephanie told Fox411 that the past year was difficult and that working with LeeAnne was sometimes “scary.” However, Hollman is “proud” of Locken for admitting that she needs help and getting herself into therapy.

“I think she needs anger management counseling, so I am actually proud of her for that because if you know better, you do better. Maybe this season was a way to look at herself and say ‘I need help.’ I’m hoping she can change and seek help in therapy. It was honestly a really hard year. It was a scary year dealing with her at times.”

Stephanie Hollman feels that part of LeeAnne Locken’s aggression is due to her desire for power and to be in control. She said as long as Locken feels in control of the situation and everyone around her is “in line,” everything is fine. However, the minute LeeAnne feels control slipping away from her — watch out.

“I think she is only comfortable if she has power and I felt like that the entire season. If she is in control and has power and then everyone is agreeing with her, she is easy. But the moment she feels [she] doesn’t have control, it’s like she’s trying to get you in line. And I feel like that is what she was trying to do to me. She wanted to make sure she was the alpha at all times.”

Stephanie believes that LeeAnne’s desire to be in control at all times stems from her difficult and abusive childhood growing up as a “carny kid.” Hollman explained that Locken uses bullying and manipulative tactics in order make herself feel safe and in control.

“I think she has been through a lot when she was younger, and I think the only way she feels safe is if she is in control. I do think she bullies and manipulates to get her way a lot.”

Stephanie Hollman also discussed LeeAnne’s long overdue apology to Cary Deuber at the Reunion over the hateful rumors about Cary and Mark’s marriage. While Hollman was happy to see Locken finally apologize, she said it should have happened much faster than it did. Stephanie said instead of “just owning it” and admitting her wrongdoing, Locken spent a lot of time making excuses for her behavior.

Stephanie Hollman elaborated on her disappointment in LeeAnne Locken’s apology to Cary in a Bravo blog post following the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion. LeeAnne apologized to Cary, but in the same breathe, she also backhandedly insulted Hollman — a move Stephanie calls “laughable.”

“While it was nice to see LeeAnne apologize after much deliberation, I found it laughable that she apologized to Cary while attacking me. It seemed to me that she skirted taking ownership making accusatory remarks for why it was ok for her to gossip before finally gave up and said the words. I wish she would take ownership, apologize, change her behavior and then move on.”

Stephanie goes on to say that over time, LeeAnne Locken’s apologies become less and less believable knowing that it will be a short time before she goes off on someone again. Hollman also has grown tired of Locken constantly using her troubled past as an excuse to lash out at people.

“After a while the words ‘I apologize’ seem insincere especially when we are asked to excuse it because of her past with the knowledge that the apology is only good until we make her mad again. She definitely owed Cary and Mark an apology.”

Having said all that, Stephanie Hollman does feel sorry that LeeAnne Locken suffered such a troubled childhood. She believes that people can change and said, “I pray she finds peace and healing in her journey.”

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