Ticketmaster Vouchers Don’t Work, Some ‘Disappeared’: Here’s Why

Ticketmaster vouchers don’t work just yet, despite them appearing in your account. Basically, there has been another delay in getting you what is now rightfully yours: Free concert tickets and credits for shipping.

Following a class action lawsuit, hundreds of Ticketmaster customers received vouchers “potentially good” for two free concert tickets at shows offered through LiveNation. This week, hundreds of customers went to use their vouchers, checking a provided list of eligible shows. However, once customers started trying to purchase these tickets using their free vouchers, they learned that said vouchers didn’t work. Some customers even said that their vouchers disappeared.

Twitter lit up with complaints today.

Ticketmaster vouchers don’t work yet for most people, although some customers have said that they’ve been able to purchase tickets without any issues. According to Fox 6 Now, Ticketmaster has reassured customers that their vouchers are valid, but that they are busy updating the concert list and the vouchers won’t work properly until that update is completed.

“Ticketmaster is now telling customers the codes will not be ‘available’ until the event list is finalized, which is the most probable explanation as to why the free ticket codes disappeared from customer accounts on Monday. Tribune Broadcasting talked to a Ticketmaster customer service agent on Sunday night who confirmed the codes were removed from accounts and will be reposted when the event list is finalized and posted online…Phew! All of the free tickets have not been gobbled up. Your free ticket voucher codes should return to your account once the event list has been confirmed.”

Aside from Ticketmaster vouchers that don’t work, some aren’t even showing up in customers’ accounts. Beyond that, some customers are saying that they have vouchers but that there aren’t any shows available in their state. This could change, however, once the eligible concert list is updated.

According to the New York Times, there is a chance that you won’t ever be able to use your free Ticketmaster vouchers.

“Ticketmaster sent an estimated $386 million worth of discount codes to nearly 57 million people, according to Steven Blonder, a leading attorney on the lawsuit and a principal at the law firm Much Shelist. Recall that the company is obligated to pay out only $42 million, and it becomes apparent that most of the vouchers will never be redeemed.”

Whether your Ticketmaster vouchers don’t work or they’ve disappeared from your account, the bottom line is that you’ll want to try to use them as soon as Ticketmaster gives the green light. And, of course, as they say, things that seem too good to be true usually are. If you have 12 to 15 sets of tickets sitting in your account, don’t get too excited. It seems like there are some major holes in how this whole thing will work.

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]