Orlando Nightclub Shooting: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street USA

Orlando, Florida is currently dealing with the tragic events of nightclub shooting that has rocked the country, and of course the LGBT community, as many in this specific Orlando nightclub were homosexual. Tragedies like the one at this Orlando nightclub have a bad habit of attracting agenda peddlers of the worst kind to manipulate these events before the victims’ bodies are even cold. Alas! The Orlando nightclub shooting is sadly no different.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, can sadly always be counted on to say something wrong, as Time has reported about his self-congratulatory Twitter run, regarding “being right” about guessing it was terrorism. Hillary Clinton took the usual Leftist-Progressive position, whenever a gun is fired, that it was obviously the gun’s fault.

“We need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.”

Clinton linked both gun control and terrorism to the shooting in Orlando before any definitive evidence was reviewed. The Orlando nightclub shooting is terrorism, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to parse any element of the incident truthfully and without bias.

So, the Orlando nightclub shooting has set off a Monsters are Due on Maple Street scenario, where every man, woman, and group will be pitted against each other for the sake of an agenda. The agendas set forth in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting are nothing new or anything you haven’t heard. Look for them below.

Gun Control Monsters Are Due…

The Orlando nightclub shooting is not the first, and it certainly won’t be the last mass shooting to be politicized for the sake of gun control. President Barack Obama was quick to attack the guns and throw out the crazed, closet homosexual gunman, his radical ideology, and his clear hatred of homosexuals out of the evidence room.

“…We have to counter extremism, but we also have to make sure that it’s not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons to get at them.”

Not long after that, and the Orlando nightclub shooting, the White House press secretary said that President Obama wanted to go directly after AR-15s, exclaiming how desirous he is for the return of the Assault Weapons Ban. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both support reinstituting a law passed by President Bill Clinton and that quietly expired under President George W. Bush.

The irony of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama’s assault on AR-15s is the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to arm terrorists in the Middle East. Law-abiding Americans, not-so-much!

The Orlando nightclub shooting is tragic, but this constant obsession with gun control and limiting the rights of law-abiding gun owners is getting old and accomplishes nothing. Unless a little deforestation to keep up with the new bureaucracy and the loss of American’s constitutional rights is progress.

The bad guys skirt around those laws, just like they skirt around the current laws to get the weapons they need. The debate about Orlando and the AR-15 is so ignorant, many think the AR-15 is an automatic rifle, worse, they probably have the imagery of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo with a massive belt-fed.50 caliber Gatling gun in hand.

Transgender Toilet Law Monsters Are Due…

The Orlando nightclub tragedy saw 49 or more homosexuals savagely gunned down by an Islamic radical with inspiration from ISIS but somehow that turns into the fault of Christians and the Transgender Toilet Laws debate. The Inquisitr has discussed the Transgender Toilet Law debate ad nauseam, and this writer has come up with sane compromises, but at no point has this issue been violent.

Some of the bizarre changes in the law that criminalizes, with monetary and professional detriment, like New York City’s “Transgender human rights violations.” All of this for mistaking what gender someone wishes to be, and also replacing biological sexual identity with gender identity, there has been no malintent towards the LGBT individuals.

Breitbart News reported on a McClatchy article that ignores this fact and finds motive and blame in this debate.

“While other motives may have inspired the attack…advocates say the rate of hate crimes against LGBT people goes up when there is a debate over their rights. The sponsors of the various bills say they are not intended to promote violence against LGBT people. Rather, the supporters say they want to protect the religious freedom of people who oppose same-sex marriage, or the concerns of people who feel uncomfortable using the same restroom as transgender individuals.”

Apparently, the Orlando nightclub shooting is a direct result of opposition to same-sex marriage and the Transgender Toilet debate, at least, McClatchy and their “advocates” say so.

Connecting the Orlando nightclub slayings to the Transgender Toilet Law debate is absurd, offensive, and malicious in its attempt drive an agenda right over the slain victims in Orlando.

Terrorism Monsters Are Due…

The Orlando nightclub shooter may be Webster’s dictionary definition of a terrorist, but the knee-jerk reaction to and ISIS terror attack is a little far-fetched off the bat.

As usual, we can’t wait for the bodies to go cold before a War on Terror agenda is pushed and Presidential candidates vie for the political spotlight on who will hit those nasty terrorists harder.

After the Orlando nightclub shooting, we are again hearing of multiple intelligence failures, but the agenda peddlers say we need to give the FBI more tools! What tools? The Orlando nightclub shooter was acting all Allahu Akbar when buying the guns he needed, and the gun store called the FBI to tell them, but nothing was done.

The same was said when the Patriot Act, TSA, and Homeland Security was pushed after 9/11. Agenda peddlers again sold the American on a lie. The TSA hasn’t made it safer to fly, the Patriot Act eviscerates the constitution, and homeland security did not consolidate the intelligence departments to increase cooperation. It further bloated the bureaucracy and there is the same or less communication on terrorism

Those who argue against radical Islamic terror are not completely incorrect, but America has lost soldiers lives, money spent to fight, money lost in almost scam ridden programs like unused multi-million dollar bases in Afghanistan, as America spreads itself dangerously thin in a 15-year war that has had highly debatable in its successes.

Republican icon Reagan would not have an endless war of invading, droning, bombing, and destabilizing a region that has already been heavily destabilized by rival Arab gangs like Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra, et cetera.

They prey on our emotions and quench our thirst for revenge. The Orlando nightclub shooting exploitation is no different. As they tap into emotion, all sense, reason, and logic are their casualties. Thus, emotion and a desire for vengeance allow these agenda peddlers to turn the mourners against whatever bogeyman they create. The Rahm Emanuel phrase “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” continues to be their mantra.

Different enemy, but the same tired, overused script. We haven’t changed much as a society, as agenda peddlers are simply refining their messaging and have a louder, more vast platform in which to spread their ilk. The ugliness that was displayed after the Orlando nightclub shooting was sadly not of the carnage of the scene, but how fast people turned on each other, and the hate filled air.

Like so many topics covered by Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, hate and human nature were discussed many times, but truly and quintessentially cover in the episodes “I am the Night…Color Me Black” and “Monsters are due on Maple Street.” The former deals with a small little town that never sees the current day’s sunrise due to the rising hatred in a seemingly corrupt little town, and as the hatred spews, the night gets darker. Eventually, the phenomena reaches several corners of the world. As it closes, the whole world appears to go dark.

The agendas converging on the Orlando nightclub shooting scene are stirring hate from several different directions, and these are merely the four loudest voices.

Planned Parenthood managed to thrust themselves into the agenda stew in the steaming cauldron, an accusation of “Toxic masculinity” for the culprit in the Orlando night shooting. Sadly, American men and woman pay taxes to fund an organization that seems to “know so much that isn’t so,” as Ronald Reagan might put it eloquently.

The Orlando nightclub shooting, with agendas all around, have sparked accusations and hatred between people. Orlando is already the scene of much frustration, sadness, and broken hearts, as the previously aforementioned agendas state above. Like the progenitors of a few random incidents in “Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” those with agendas have stirred up every man, woman, and child to pick apart every little idiosyncrasy in their fellow man.

The agenda peddlers in the wake of the Orlando nightclub tragedy do not have their work cut out when you consider base human nature.

The Orlando nightclub shooting is bringing out the worst in everybody, as agenda peddlers stalk the night. Though, agendas, animosity, Right vs. Left aside, a message that tells the LGBT community to take advantage of their second amendment rights, and one that condemns radical Islamic teachings that cause women to be subjugated, and homosexuals and Christians to be massacred in all countries, would be a proper response in America, and one to reverberate throughout the world.

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