Neverland Ranch News Development — Why Now?

News has broken about Neverland Ranch and Michael Jackson’s alleged pedophilia stockpile. But, why now?

Neverland Ranch was somewhat of a carnival of sorts — a child’s play land, supposedly. However, allegedly, heinous acts happened at the ranch’s location in 2003. And, now, they’ve possibly come to light.

Yet, the question on several people’s minds regarding this news is, “why now?”

Billboard reports that police raided Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in 2003. According to this alleged 88-page report, police authorities have had this news in their possessions since that raid.

So, why were the photos of Neverland’s dark side suppressed?

Well, there are several, logical theories.

1. “Certain Neverland Ranch guests were/are looking for a ‘payday’.”

If MJ’s clout wasn’t substantial alone, compound that with the all-star legal team he had at his disposal. The Ranch was an asset which wasn’t to be taken lightly.

Although parents had speculations that the Neverland Ranch owner had particularly alleged issues, they still allowed their children to stay with the musical artist. Why?

For this reason, many state that they were looking for a payday type of situation.

Some people believe that the photos are part of a greater conspiracy.

In 2003, after Neverland’s raid, Johnnie Cochran mentioned that he believed that his client — Jackson — was set up. He also noted his advisory about being in such compromising positions at his ranch.

“I think it’s more than coincidence. I think it was planned,” said Cochran, in a CNN news report.

As concerns Michael’s guests and partygoers at Neverland Ranch grew, Johnnie attempted to advise him against placing himself alone with young children. However, at the same time, he mentioned — even during that time — Mike was naive in his actions.

“But that’s who Michael Jackson is, he’s a very, very naive person in many respects, and there’s no question about that. Yeah, he does wear a bull’s eye,” the Neverland Ranch owner’s lawyer elaborates.

2. “Some of MJ’s Neverland Ranch ‘elite’ enemies are attempting character assassination techniques.”

While Jackson’s Neverland has been the talking point of allegations concerning heinous activity, there are also people who believe such groups as the famed, secretive “Illuminati” are continually plotting the ranch owner’s downfall, even as pertains his character after-death.

During the aforementioned, 2003 news report via CNN, Michael’s spokesperson, Stuart Backerman, quoted the Neverland Ranch owner as follows.

“I’ve seen lawyers who do not represent me and spokespeople who do not know me speaking for me. These characters always seem to surface with a dreadful allegation just as another project, an album, a video, is being released.”

It’s known among the Neverland Ranch artist’s fans that one of his albums was specifically a demonstration of resistance against such “elite” powers.

Also, these collective groups believe that things only got worse for the ranch owner after he purchased a large majority of Sony.

Even though MJ’s 2003 child exploitation case was acquitted in 2005, the allegations continued from several directions.

Yet… as the question remains, why didn’t this recent Neverland Ranch news surface then — especially when it was available?

3. “Alleged Neverland Ranch victims and their parents felt helpless until now.”

Since the Neverland Ranch artist was such a powerful celebrity with such a reputable legal team, some people conclude that these ranch victims simply stood no chance against Jackson during that time.

Unfortunately, money talks louder than justice at times.

So, allegedly, that was the situation. These parents and the Neverland victims felt threatened and severely pressured to remain silent on the matter.

Ideally, as conspirators suggest, it was a lose/lose situation for the Neverland Ranch guests who pursued a case against Michael.

If they would’ve won, they would’ve been the people who ended Michael Jackson’s career and tarnished his reputation as one of the world’s greats. Could you imagine that pressure and potential backlash?

Then, also, if they lost the case, they would have been seen as liars and — as mentioned in the first theory — ousted as those only looking for a payday.

All in all, what do you think about the Neverland Ranch allegations? Why do you think the photos are just now surfacing?

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