‘Senseless’ Crime Occurred On ‘Fixer Upper’ Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Farm

Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are well known for their love of animals. Fans know Chip has somewhat of an obsession with bringing home new pets to his wife, Joanna Gaines. While no one really knows how many animals Chip and Joanna Gaines currently have on their 40-acre farm, it was estimated to be around 60 last year by Country Living.

Naturally, Fixer Upper fans can only assume Chip and Joanna were devastated to discover the two of the goats on the farm were shot in the head. This “senseless” crime is believed to have occurred somewhere between Friday night and Saturday morning before the discovery was made.

The official Waco Police Department Twitter account confirmed the death of the livestock on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ farm Sunday morning.

It was employees of the Waco farm who first discovered the two goats had been shot in the head when they first arrived at the farm of Chip and Joanna on Saturday morning.

Pictures of Chip and Joanna’s children can be seen interacting with the livestock, including the goats, on the Waco farm on the Magnolia Market website.

A photo also appeared in a Father’s Day related blog post titled “Chip as a Dad” that was published on Sunday after the Fixer Upper family had become aware of the goats being shot in the head. A second picture of some of the goats on the farm also appeared in the blog post. The couple is also well known for posting frequent pictures of the goats on their social media accounts for Fixer Upper fans to enjoy.


“Hey there. #siblinglove,” was the caption Joanna Gaines gave to the photo above.

Fox News reports Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton and investigators are still trying to determine why this crime was committed and who is responsible for killing the two goats. Waco Police believes at least one person entered the Waco farm somewhere between Friday night and Saturday morning and shot the two goats in the head. The Waco farm grounds were closed when the shootings were believed to have occurred.

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton has referred to the killing of these two goats as “senseless act.” Charges for this crime, should the Waco police determine who entered the farm after hours and shot the Fixer Upper goats in the head, would include animal cruelty.

Chip and Joanna did give an official statement regarding the crime that was committed on their farm.

“We’re [Chip and Joanna] saddened and shocked by this senseless crime, and at the same time, so grateful for the outreach and support from our community.”






According to Today, Chip and Joanna had just recently celebrated bringing four new animals into their family. Chip surprised his wife by bringing home two puppies and two black kittens. Joanna celebrated by sharing several pictures of the puppies and kittens on Instagram.


Do you agree that someone walking onto the Fixer Upper farm and shooting two goats in the head was a “senseless” crime? Do you think the police will be able to figure out who made their way onto the farm while the grounds were closed and shot the goats in the head?

[Image via joannagaines and magnolia/Instagram]