‘Minecraft’ ‘Hunger Games’-Like Battle Mini-Game Arrives For Consoles

Minecraft console players can now battle it out with each other in a Hunger Games-style multiplayer matches. Mojang and 4J Studios is releasing an update to the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS Vita on Tuesday that makes the Battle mini-game available for all to play.

The Battle mini-game in Minecraft: Console Edition is a last-man-standing deathmatch mode that lets players find out who has the most skill and luck. Developed by 4J Studios, the mini-game will come with three maps at launch with additional maps being released as part of map packs that cost $2.99 each. How many maps and when they will be released have not been announced yet.

“Battle pits players against one another in a fight for survival, as they race to snatch weapons and resources from chests, dance over each arena’s unique perils and stave off hunger pangs. We’ve made the mini game specifically with console players and couch-based competition in mind: it supports up to four players in splitscreen and eight players online, either by invitation or using the in-game matchmaking system. We wanted it to be super-accessible and fast-paced, so we’ve tried to keep the focus on rapid tactical thinking and combat: there’s no need to craft anything here, and you can loot inventories and equip armour with the tap of a button.

“If you fall to your foe’s blade – don’t despair! You can always respawn as a bat and flutter round your nemesis, squeaking vengefully. Take care to check out the lobby in between games, too. There may be a few surprises to find!”

As previously mentioned, Battle is a Hunger Games-style multiplayer mode, which is popular on the PC version of Minecraft. Player-run servers host different variations of the gametype, which drops players into an arena to battle it out with loot collected around the map until only one is left.

4J Studios made some subtle changes to the Hunger Games multiplayer mode while creating Battle for Minecraft. This includes UI changes like a directional hit indicator around the crosshair so players know when they are getting hit from behind or on the side.

Inventory management becomes a major component, as well. Players are limited to the nine slots on their hot bar. This means they can’t just take everything from a chest and must decide which items they most need to survive to the end and win.

Food still plays a factor in Battle mode, but 4J Studios made slight changes from the standard Minecraft player here, too. Players will regenerate health as long as their Hunger stays above zero. It slowly drains by default, though, which means players will not be able to find a corner and hide in the entire match, or else they will die.

Minecraft Battle Mini Game (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U)
[Image via Mojang]

When there are two players left, Minecraft Battle engages a “showdown mode.” This makes the gamertag of both players visible from anywhere on the match to draw them towards one another. The idea is to allow the final two contestants to find one another and prevent the long gaps in matches of trying to find one another and speed up the final confrontation.

Mojang and 4J Studio are working on additional mini-games to add to Minecraft. There’s no word on if or when these same updates will arrive to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

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[Image via Mojang]