Ariana Grande Teases 'Dangerous Woman' 2016 Tour Dates

Emily Hutchinson

Ariana Grande is getting fans seriously excited with the promise of a new tour.

A slew of Ariana's biggest fans took to social media this week to express their excitement over the possibility of Grande hitting the road soon for a 2016 tour in support of her latest album, Dangerous Women, after Ariana dropped a big new hint that her new tour dates will be released very soon.

Eagle-eyed social media users were quick to note that Grande's official website,, has officially added a "Tour" tab ahead of Grande's much-anticipated new tour, which could suggest that Ariana will be dropping some big details in the coming days.

"The TOUR section has been added to Ariana Grande's website, Ariana update account @ArianaNewsWorld tweeted on June 21. "Maybe we may have tour dates soon."

"Search Ariana Grande Tour on Google and it's the first page that shows up!!!" Ariana fan @absoluteagb told fellow Grande fans.

Ariana is yet to speak out about exactly when she's planning on revealing her brand new show dates to the world, though that hasn't stopped Grande's fans from getting seriously excited about the prospect of a brand new tour coming sooner rather than later on the social media site.

"[Ariana Grande] COME ON WERE ALL WAITING FOR TOUR DATES," @BibbleKisses told Grande on the social media site, while @gimmesomebibble tweeted out, "Ari please tell me you're releasing the dates for the tour really soon or at least tell me where you're going."

"Also @ArianaGrande, ima need you to drop them tour dates ASAP sis, VIP here I come," @JaymieGill wrote on the social media site this week, and @bunnies_butera speculated, "LOVES DANGEROUS WOMAN TOUR IS NOT FAR AWAY WHAT IM NOT READY!!!!!!"

"When is Ariana Grande announcing her next tour because I need it," @nicole0rellana added, while @aestheticftari tweeted to Grande on June 21, "I can see that the tour is brewing."

Although Grande is yet to officially drop the big details about her next tour, Ariana did reveal that she'll be hitting the road in support of Dangerous Woman in late 2016 or early 2017 in a message posted on her official website last month.

According to On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Ariana broke the big news to fans who pre-ordered Dangerous Woman via her website last month, teasing that those who ordered the album ahead of its official release date would receive an exclusive pre-sale code to get early access to tickets for her upcoming string of shows.

"I want you to be the first to know that I'm going on tour end of this year/early next year! Details are still being finalized but I want to give you the chance to get the tickets before anyone else!" Grande told fans via her official website last month.

"Order my album... on my official store to receive a pre-sale code that gives you an opportunity to buy the tickets in advance of the general on-sale," Ariana continued.

Ariana's upcoming string of shows, thought to be called the "Dangerous Woman Tour" after her latest album of the same name, will mark the first time Ariana has officially hit the road since Grande toured the world for her "The Honeymoon Tour."

According to Pollstar, "The Honeymoon Tour" played more than 80 dates in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America between February and October 2015, grossing more than $40 million.

Are you looking forward to new tour dates from Ariana Grande?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]