Pope Goes Green With Renault Kangoo, Benedict XVI Takes Delivery Of New Vehicle

Pope Benedict XVI has been called the “green Pope” and he continued to earn that title on Wednesday when he took ownership of the papacy’s first electric vehicle.

The 85-year-old Pope was presented with the white Renault Kangoo at his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo.

Benedict XVI has become well known for his letters in which he proclaims the need to protect God’s earthy creations from man made threats. The Pope has written extensively about the issue in his encyclicals and he has spoke about going green during various occasions including his peace messages.

Since taking over the papacy Pope Benedict has installed photovoltaic cells in the Vatican’s main auditorium and he has joined a reforestation effort to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

The Pope first used his new Renault Kangoo on Wednesday to travel from the churches helipad at Castel Gandolfo to his palazzo.

Another electric vehicle was also donated by automaker NWG for use by the Vatican press office.

According to Newser:

Earlier this year, Italian automaker NWG donated an electric car to the Vatican, but it was for the press office to use. Renault on Wednesday also turned over the keys to a blue version of the Kangoo for the Vatican gendarmes to tool around Vatican City.

While the Kangoo is not quite the “Popemobile” we’ve come to see from Mercedes-Benz over the years it’s believed Mercedes is working on hybrid technology that could eventually power the Popemobile as well.

If you like the look of the Renault Kangoo you can pick one up for around $20,000.