Mysterious ‘Shape-Shifting’ UFO Filmed Over King Best Mall In Houston, Texas [Video]

A UFO hunter reports that a security guard filmed a mysterious “shape-shifting” UFO flying across the sky in broad daylight over King Best, a busy shopping mall in Houston, Texas. The footage, captured outside the mall in the parking lot, appears to show a black UFO gliding slowly and silently across the sky.

UFO hunter Secureteam10 reports in a video uploaded to YouTube on June 17, 2016, that the strange footage was captured by a security guard at the shopping mall. The bizarre flying object was also spotted by several shoppers standing in the parking lot at the time.

The security guard sent the footage to Secureteam10. It has since gone viral with more than 160,000 views after it was uploaded to YouTube (see below).

The footage shows a lone black UFO flying slowly and silently across Texas sky. It also shows several apparently baffled shoppers standing in the parking lot looking up at the strange flying object.

The shoppers watched the UFO flying across the sky until it was out of sight.

According to Secureteam10, witnesses were puzzled about the nature of the object and everyone wondered what it could be.

Although UFO enthusiasts who commented online said they believed it was an alien UFO, skeptics dismissed speculation that it was an extraterrestrial craft, saying it was likely only a drone or a cluster of balloons.

But UFO enthusiasts pointed out that the object appeared to be morphing or changing shape as it floated across the sky.

According to Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner, the object could not be a drone or any man-made object because it appeared to be “shape-shifting.”

“It has movements and maneuvers seem strange. It doesn’t remind me of any sort of conventional aircraft or drone.”

There have been multiple claimed sightings of allegedly “shape-shifting” UFOs in recent years.

Probably one of the most fascinating in recent times occurred in April 2015.

Richard Emblin, the editor-in-chief of the City Paper, a highly respected Colombian English-language newspaper, caused a stir when he reported sighting and filming a shape-shifting UFO on April 12, 2015, from the balcony of his home in the affluent Rosales neighborhood of Bogota in Colombia.

Emblin, who has published in top international newspapers such as the New York Times, reported the sighting with photographs published in his newspaper.

He was sitting on his balcony enjoying coffee and a cigarette when he noticed a strange black object rising up into the air.

A fairly experienced pilot, Emblin was adamant that he had not mistaken an ordinary aircraft, such as an Airbus, a Boeing, a drone, or a balloon for a UFO. He noted that he spotted the object in restricted airspace used only by the security agencies.

It had no fuselage, no wings, flew silently, and morphed a number of times.

He rushed indoors to fetch his Nikon 300s equipped with a 500 mm lens and began snapping photographs.

“As the Director and Editor-in-chief of Colombia’s English language newspaper, The City Paper, I take my journalistic ethics very seriously.”

He described what he saw in the published report.

“It stopped… and darted south, where it shifted on its side. It was hovering West and moving between altitudes, over the Chapinero neighborhood of Bogotá,” he wrote.

“I tried to look for it again with my eyes, but the black object had shifted in the sky above my building,” he continued. “I went towards my kitchen which faces East. There it was, and now moving in a bizarre, erratic manner.”

Expressing regret that his photographic skills had gone “rusty” after years of lack of practice (he had covered armed conflicts in Colombia and Angola decades before), he tried his best to focus on the object.

As he watched and took photos, the object morphed and gained and lost altitude in a rapid and erratic manner. It also changed orientation in space several times. It could fly at tremendous speed, and it seemed to Emblin that it traversed the entire city in a matter of seconds.

Photos of the mysterious object uploaded online showed it assuming several shapes, including a double ring or eight-form.

Despite Emblin’s conviction that he had seen something unusual, skeptics suggested he may have seen a swarm of insects.

Regardless of what Emblin might have seen, there is a bewilderingly tangled body of folklore surrounding shape-shifting UFOs among members of the UFO conspiracy theory community. It involves creative individuals who claim to be shape-shifting UFO research specialists.

Some UFO hunters who take a special interest in shape-shifting UFOs call them “UFO variables.”

UFO hunters, such a Mario Vallejo (SAUFOTX), claim that “UFO variables” are based on a form of advanced alien technology. Vallejo reported sighting and filming a UFO variable flying over San Antonio, Texas, at high altitude on January 23, 2016.

He claims to have dedicated years to the study of shape-shifting UFOs. He claims knowledge of a special class of UFO variables that are inter-dimensional crafts. They operate on physical laws unknown to human science and technology, according to Vallejo.

The advanced alien propulsion technology allegedly works by converting solar energy to electromagnet propulsion (EMP) force.

“I have researched this subject and come to realize that [UFO variables] are a real phenomenon. I have captured one traveling overhead…”

Videos allegedly showing shape-shifting UFOs flying in the air are popular among members of the online UFO community. They often attract the attention of enthusiasts who claim special knowledge of alien UFOs with exotic alien propulsion systems.

The interest in shape-shifting UFOs appears to have been inspired by past speculation over the nature of the so-called Hessdalen light UFOs spotted on several occasions in Norway since the 1980s.

Many believe that Hessdalen light UFOs are shape-shifting UFOs based on an exotic propulsion technology.

Some UFO theorists claim that shape-shifting UFOs are, in fact, very “highly evolved” extraterrestrial cyborg entities — that is, alien entities that are part biological and partly advanced spacecraft machine.

The creators of the UFO variable lore are a fringe movement within the popular UFOlogy movement and are closely allied with the UFO summoner movement.

Skeptics often deride videos uploaded online claiming to show UFO variables, describing the proponents of this exotic field of UFOlogy as hoaxers.

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