Hillary Clinton Must Choose Between Elizabeth Warren And More Campaign Contributions

Hillary Clinton is trying desperately to unify a Democratic Party experiencing a deep divide. She believes she can cajole the disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for her rather than Donald Trump if she only has Bernie’s friend, Elizabeth Warren, at her side as a running mate. Third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson aren’t even on her radar yet apparently, but soon will be if she cannot unify the party.

Hillary Clinton blames Bernie Sanders for the divide, but it is more likely the natural evolution of the Neoliberal cycle of the economy, related to the continuing recession that has caused half of the party to crave a populist and economically liberal movement. Sanders was a man whose time had come. Bernie’s message, promising relief from income inequality, was naturally welcomed at a time of great financial losses for most people. He embodied what a majority of people want and Hillary will not give. To put it another way, people are not getting their needs met, and they want more than what Clinton’s brand of Neoliberalism offers them.

Elizabeth Warren risked and some would say forfeited her own honest reputation just being seen with the queen of Wall Street. Warren had been thought to represent the people. She has taken a tough stand against the big banks and wants to split them up and hold Wall Street accountable for the irresponsible financial practices that Bernie supporters believe destroyed the American economy a decade ago. Sanders supporters are calling her a sell-out, according to Heatstreet, for endorsing Hillary 11 days ago. Bernie Sanders supporters wasted no time condemning Elizabeth for her endorsement as reported by Mass Live.

“A crowd of ‘Bern feeling’ supporters protested Warren’s recent endorsement. The protesters were dressed all in black, to symbolize, they said, the mourning of who they thought Warren was.”

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Hillary Clinton, not so shockingly, would not get any more money from rich Wall Street Donors if she chose Elizabeth Warren. A top Clinton Donor told CNBC she could forget about getting any more big donations if Hillary picked Elizabeth as a running mate.

“If Clinton picked Warren, her whole base on Wall Street would leave her. They would literally just say, ‘We have no qualms with you moving left, we understand all the things you’ve had to do because of Bernie Sanders, but if you are going there with Warren, we just can’t trust you, you’ve killed it.'”

On Hillary Clinton’s side of the great democratic divide are the wealthy donors, and people who don’t raise huge red flags when Clinton takes money from them. Wealthy donors are few in number but have a lot of power. They own and control the mainstream media as well as financial institutions, insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and industries who export American jobs. Clinton voters tend to be older and perhaps not as informed or tech savvy as Sanders’ young people.

Third Party Candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson [Photo by Mark Wilson and Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Third Party Candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson provide needed options in the 2016 Election [Photo by Mark Wilson and Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Elizabeth Warren belongs to the opposite side, at least normally. She has defended disenfranchised America from business interests in the Senate during her entire career. Her people are Bernie Sanders supporters. In fact, Bernie is her best friend and ally in the Senate. Elizabeth’s admirers expect the government to help average people, not the interests of business. They despise everything Clinton stands for, both out of idealism and out of self-preservation. Bernie supporters are young. They can’t find jobs. They can’t pay their debts or support themselves. They believe their situation has been caused by the very people who are donating money to Hillary.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton by Joe Raedle 2 c
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton represent vastly different values. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are not normally friends, according to one hedge fund manager and long-time Clinton supporter. He also pointed out to CNBC that it was not in Elizabeth’s nature to be subordinate to anyone, especially someone like Hillary.

“First of all, they don’t particularly like each other… The absolute predicate for a vice presidential nominee is they have to understand they are No. 2 both during the campaign and once you take office, and I just don’t think Elizabeth Warren is that type of person.”

Hillary Clinton already has a lot more money to spend on the campaign. She’s raised $289 million so far, according to CNBC. Why would she need more? None of her potential competitors have access to that kind of money. Donald Trump is running a very frugal campaign, according to the Wall Street Journal, so where does all that money go? Surely she has enough left to complete her campaign? When will the American people stop allowing money to decide their elections?

Elizabeth Warren tarnished her reputation by associating her name with Hillary, and Hillary risked her campaign money to even float Warren’s name as a potential running mate. Even without worrying about what supporters think, could Elizabeth in good conscience stand beside Hillary Clinton throughout this race and help put her in office? Could Hillary back off her business favoring policies even if she wasn’t taking their money at the moment? Is there any way a Neoliberal and a populist could fit on the same ticket?

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren prove the Democrat Party is divided too deeply to ever reunite, and that is not all Bernie Sanders’ doing.

[Photo by Spencer Platt and Alex Wong/Getty Images]

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