‘Southern Charm’ Season Finale And Wrap Up, Will There Be A Season Four? [Spoilers]

The season finale of Southern Charm seemed to have a cliffhanger, but will there be a Season 4, if this time, Thomas Ravenel truly quit? The last line in the season finale of Season 3 of Southern Charm involved Landon’s friend Robyn – who was also Shep’s date, much to Landon’s chagrin after she got all Patricia’d up – asking if Landon had finally told everyone that she slept with Thomas Ravenel, something the cast and fans of Southern Charm suspected all along. But will there be a Season 4 to answer these questions? Inquiring minds want to know.

According to The Inquisitr, fans were very curious to try to figure out what had caused the outburst at Thomas Ravenel’s dinner party on Southern Charm. On the season finale of Southern Charm, Thomas finally admitted that he’d had a lot to drink before he drove all of his guests from the dinner table, and some into the street running from him. Shep Rose in particular was called out by Thomas Ravenel for getting money from his mother rather than being independent. Shep said that he stepped in and challenged Thomas because Thomas was going after the women at the dinner table.

Tamara Tattles shared an accurate view of the crazy that went down on Southern Charm amongst the cast at the dinner party of Thomas Ravenel. While the bulk of the party guests fled in Landon’s Barbie car into the streets, and straight to Landon’s house to order pizza, K. Cooper Ray, Kathryn, Danni, JD, and Elizabeth talked Thomas down, though he claimed that he never lost control — which proves how out of touch he really was.

Back at Landon’s house, Shep puts at least part of the blame on Landon, who should have taken the hint at that point instead of embarrassing herself further that Shep wasn’t feeling it or her. Shep gave her that look like the one he gave when he figured out that Landon hadn’t invited Kathryn to his birthday party. Does Landon really hate Kathryn because at least at one point, Shep was sure feeling Kathryn?

Then the Founders Ball – or Founders Brawl, as it were – the annual event where people lose their minds. Thomas shows his true colors once again by telling Kathryn he wants nothing to do with Landon and then patting her on the bum. Rather than show up stag like Landon, Shep brings a date, one of Landon’s friends named Robyn, and Robyn knows a secret.

“Do you think that Landon is going to admit that she slept with Thomas?”

Robyn is one more person who seems to know what Landon wants to keep denying to her dying day. Did Landon sleep with Thomas, perhaps when they were both together at a hotel in London? Is this why Thomas was able to tell his friends that Landon had good bedroom skills?

The State says that Shep Rose’s date dropped a serious truth bomb, sharing the alleged fact that Thomas and Landon slept together, which is one more reason that Thomas Ravenel might have quit for real this time. Thomas has quit a number of times, but wanting to hide from admitting that he slept with Landon might actually send him into hiding from Southern Charm. If Thomas is a no-go, is there still a Southern Charm without Thomas and Kathryn? Maybe Southern Charm exists without Thomas, as there seems to be no lack of middle-aged men who chase young women in Charleston, but there is surely no Southern Charm without Kathryn, who has a serious following.

And though it is thought that Whitney is an executive producer in name only, can fans really imagine Whitney coming back for more after the Kathryn related embarrassment he faced at Shep’s mountain home? Whitney and Whitney’s mama have surely had enough of the evil redhead from Monck’s Corner (which when they say it, sounds like South Central). Patricia Altschul wants nothing more to do with Kathryn for her baby boy, and since she makes the calls, there is surely no more Southern Charm for Whitney. And if Whitney’s mama won’t sign his permission slip, that’s one more cast member who is likely out.

But though Southern Charm is crumbling like the House of Usher, it could be reconstituted. Could a spin-off replace Southern Charm? Might Bravo present RelationShep, which would feature the lives and loves of Shep Rose, as he casually dates young women, but his real bond is with his bros? Is that the sound of Andy Cohen drooling at the prospect up on the set of WWHL?

Do you think Landon slept with Thomas? And do you think Southern Charm will survive for a fourth season?

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