Landon Clements Responds To Kathryn Dennis’ Jab At Her Regarding Thomas Ravenel

Landon Clements is laughing off Kathryn Dennis’ insult. On Monday night, after the latest Southern Charm episode aired, Landon responded to Kathryn’s comment, made during the aftermath of Thomas Ravenel’s disastrous dinner party, that Landon’s “a b***h” who doesn’t like to hear the truth. Kathryn referenced the famous author and playwright Tennessee Williams when she talked about Landon not liking the truth.

A viewer sarcastically tweeted that she didn’t know that Tennessee Williams, whose famous works include A Streetcar Named Desire, Death of a Salesman, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, wrote about Landon being “a b***h.” The viewer told Landon that she’s part of an impressive literary milestone. Landon responded by joking that it’s an honor.

Viewers saw things get very heated between Kathryn and Landon later on at K. Cooper Ray’s Founders Ball. Prior to the episode airing, Landon thanked Patricia Altschul and a hair and makeup stylist for helping her get ready for the big event. One viewer commented that Kathryn deserves to be a hit and that Landon’s the one to do it. Landon responded that she’s a lover, not a fighting.

“mr.stevens2u: You’re the reason why I still watch that S***ty Show you’re on#SouthernCharm @bravoandy@bravowwhl @bravotv @kathryndennisdeserves a Slap, maybe a punch to her gInger face… And I believe you’re the one to do it! #Yassss #AlohaFromHawaii”

“alandonclements: @mr.stevens2u hahaha thanks #LoverNotAFighter”

Landon also hit back at her critics. She, seemingly in reference to all the people who make fun of her for having “squinty eyes,” posted a quote about taking it all as a blessing with one eye squinted.

One person commented on Landon’s “one eye squinted post” that Kathryn was right and that people should just Google Landon to see how she lives her life. Landon told the person that she’s delusional. Landon pointed out that if people Google her, they’ll find mostly good press, as opposed to when people Google Kathryn.

“daragloss: @themummom @ericaliana Google Landon Clements, blind gossip and see how she finds her life. Every show needs a villain and slut. Kathryn was so right

alandonclements: @daragloss you must be as delusional as Kat and if you google me it’s good press and one sad article about my divorce…have you googled your idol Kat lately?#pleaseleavemealone”

Landon even admitted that all of the hate and criticism that she gets from the show’s viewers is terrifying.

The Southern Charm latest episode picked up where the last one left off. On last week’s episode, Thomas Ravenel, while giving a toast during his dinner party, verbally attacked some of his co-stars for how they treated Kathryn Dennis, with whom he was enjoying a good relationship with at the time. He even went after his friend Landon Clements. Thomas accused Landon of behaving badly towards Kathryn. Landon defended herself by saying that it was Kathryn who decided that she didn’t want to be friends and that she has been a good friend to Thomas. Kathryn and Landon ended up getting in a verbal argument, during which Kathryn told Landon that she sounds like a dolphin when she’s yelling,

The episode ended with Thomas practically chasing after his insulted co-stars, all the while hurling insults and expletives, as they fled in a golf cart. After fleeing Thomas’ home, Cameran Eubanks, Craig Conover, and his girlfriend Naomie, Shep Rose, and Landon went to Landon’s home to talk about what just happened.

Meanwhile, back in Thomas’ home, Elizabeth and JD Madison, Danni Baird, and Kathryn talked about Thomas’ behavior. JD said that Thomas was so mad that he just saw red. Kathryn said that Thomas told the truth. Kathryn said that the others don’t like to talk about the truth and maintained that Landon’s “a b***h.”

“Landon’s a b***h. I’m sorry if you don’t think that but like literally, no one likes to hear the truth. It’s an age-old story. Tennessee Williams wrote about it. Like for real.”

Viewers saw Kathryn and Landon continue their fight on the finale episode. After everyone had some time to regroup and reflect on the craziness of Thomas’ dinner party, Thomas actually apologized to Landon for how he behaved towards her. Later, during K. Cooper Ray’s Founders Day Ball, Landon and Thomas were friendly to one another, much to the chagrin of Kathryn. Kathryn outright accused Landon of sleeping with Thomas. Landon pulled Thomas over to defend her. Landon told Thomas to tell Kathryn that nothing has ever happened between them.

“I never did anything. I want you to hear from Thomas that we never did anything. Thomas, tell her!”

Thomas maintained that he and Landon have never dated or ever had anything. Kathryn made clear that she didn’t believe Thomas.

“Thomas, you better [shakes her head]. Oh no no no. You’re a pathetic liar. You’re crazy.”

As Kathryn walked away, Landon yelled that while Kathryn says that everyone else is crazy, Kathryn’s the crazy one. Landon also yelled that she has never done anything to Kathryn. “Ask him! Ask him!” Landon yelled, pointing at Thomas.

Kathryn put her hand up in Landon’s face and told her to “shut up” and stop yelling because she sounds like a “f*****g kindergartner.” Landon backed away and told Kathryn to get away from her. “Shut the f**k up then!” Kathryn said. Landon told Kathryn that she’s afraid of her.

“This is crazy. This is insane,” Kathryn said as she walked away. Landon, meanwhile, continued yelling at Kathryn to hear the truth from Thomas.

The fight continued outside of the banquet room. Landon continued to say that she did nothing to Kathryn while Kathryn maintained that Landon did her wrong.

Thomas later caught up with Kathryn. Thomas told Kathryn that they have a “trust gap” between them. She told him to tell the truth and pointed out that he has repeatedly cheated on her with numerous women. Thomas said that wasn’t true. Kathryn again demanded Thomas to tell the truth.

The episode then showed Shep Rose telling his date, a friend of Landon’s, that people should have taken the high road. Landon’s friend then asked a shocking question.

“Do you think Landon’s going to admit that she slept with Thomas?”

The finale episode ended with Shep asking, “What?!”

So did Landon Clements actually sleep with Thomas Ravenel in pursuit of money and status, as Kathryn Dennis claims? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Landon’s recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she denied that she and Thomas ever had sex. Co-star Cameran Eubanks took Landon’s side, pointing out that Thomas has such a big mouth that he would have told if it really did happen. Kathryn, meanwhile, continued to claim on Twitter that Landon did sleep with Thomas.

[Photo via Landon Clements on Twitter]

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