‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Features Four-Player Co-op, Offline Mode, And Character Customization

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, players will travel to Bolivia in an effort to stop the Santa Blanca drug cartel. The game features a flexible open world, where players can choose to take down targets solo or in groups of four. During the E3 2016 conference, Ubisoft revealed the release date for Ghost Recon Wildlands, alongside the first playable demo of the third-person shooter.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is expected to release on March 7, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, according to Ubisoft. When online, players can join forces to tackle the game’s missions as an organized group. Offline, solo players can head into the fray with an AI-controlled squad. Either way, players can choose how they want to approach each mission — go in under the cover of night for an approach grounded in stealth or run in with superior firepower to take an area by force.

“Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world military shooter set in a fictionalized version of Bolivia headed by a corrupt government with close ties to the Santa Blanca – a cartel with a thriving cocaine operation that they’d like to keep intact.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Gameplay consists of tactical and traditional third-person shooting in addition to using C4, mines, and other weapons. Each player even has a high-tech, customizable drone. As seen in one of the three E3 2016 trailers on the Ubisoft website, players use their drones to scout areas and mark targets. Another player acts as pilot to converge on a fleeing target. Stealth kills, crouching, using a prone position, and other covert methods are shown in addition to outright firefights.

According to Game Informer, drones can be upgraded and customized by each Ghost. One player can choose to make their drone a tool for distraction, while another may upgrade their drone and turn it into a weapon. It is up to each Ghost to choose how their drone will function on the battlefield.

“The drone is upgradable as you move through the player progression. You can weaponize it, improve its capabilities to distract, disable technologies, and recon longer. The drone operates on batteries so you can only use it for a limited time. The battery is upgradable.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands

In terms of further customization, players can customize their weapons and their Ghosts. While playing Ghost Recon Wildlands, players will find new weapon and weapon attachments. At the Gunsmith, weapons can be customized to a player’s preference. Moreover, players will be able to choose their character’s gender, facial appearance, clothes, and more at character creation as confirmed by PCGamesN.

Working to take down the Santa Blanca cartel in Ghost Recon Wildlands follows no linear mission order. Players can choose their targets in any order, relying on found intelligence to help them complete their objective. Ghosts will encounter many features of the fictionalized cartel including smugglers, security personnel, and even those producing the illicit goods. Non-playable characters even follow routines, which Ghosts can exploit to catch them.

Additionally, Ghost Recon Wildlands will give players a way to level up and earn more upgrades. However, very few details on how players level and what opens up to them as they reach higher levels is available. It is likely that leveling up will open up more customization options for the drone with other benefits including better character statistics.

Game Informer also confirms that Ghost Recon Wildlands can be played with two or three players. The game will adjust to the number of players, accordingly, letting players freely drop in and out without adversely affecting the experience. Progress is saved along the way, giving players the freedom to join their friends whenever they want. Even those playing the single-player offline experience of Ghost Recon Wildlands can jump into co-op at any time.

[Image via Ubisoft]