NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Looking To Trade Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe’s time with the Milwaukee Bucks seems to be coming to an end. The NBA trade rumor mill has the Bucks looking to move on from Monroe just a year after he signed with the team. With the Bucks right in gauging interest in the forward, will they receive what they are asking for?

Most people saw Greg Monroe as one of the top free agents to hit the market last season. He was viewed as a solid post player, with an array of offensive moves. As long as he were to land with the right team, all would be fine. Just when it appeared that Monroe was headed to the New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers, it was the Milwaukee Bucks who barreled through and signed him. The deal, a 3-year, $50 million contract that Monroe signed with the Bucks, caught everyone by surprise.

It was not the fact that Greg Monroe chose to sign with the Bucks, but the idea that he picked the Bucks over the New York Knicks. What was stunning was that the Knicks had a lot to offer Monroe. New York dwarfs Milwaukee in terms of market size and visibility. Monroe taking the Knicks’ offer would have allowed him to play his home games at an arena he had grown familiar with doing his collegiate years at Georgetown.


The Big East Tournament is held at Madison Square Garden. Marketing opportunities may have become available also. As long as the Knicks won games, and he was partially responsible for winning, all would have been fine. That is not to dismiss the city of Milwaukee and its own marketing opportunities. New York is just a larger city for such things.

Greg Monroe did explain his reasons for why Monroe chose the Bucks over the Knicks to the New York Daily News last October. He cited what the Bucks had “brought to the table” as his reason for signing there.

“The interest was definitely there. I took an interest in everybody that was willing to meet with me. I don’t like to take anybody’s time for granted. I definitely didn’t take their time for granted. I made a decision based on the things that I was looking for and I wanted.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Any questions anybody has, I could honestly not care less. I’m happy with where I’m at. I definitely feel like I made the right decision.”

The feelings about Greg Monroe and the Milwaukee Bucks do not appear to be mutual, according to the NBA trade rumors which have him firmly on the trading block. Bleacher Report is suggesting that the Bucks are aggressively looking to trade Greg Monroe. Unlike some of the NBA trade rumors that have come up, finding a match for the Bucks may not be too difficult if they are indeed serious about moving Monroe.


One team which may be interested, ironically, is the New York Knicks.

While the Knicks do not have an abundance of trade chips to part ways with, they can send center Robin Lopez to the Bucks in an even exchange for Greg Monroe. Additional players can be swapped in a Bucks and Knicks trade, including guards Michael Carter-Williams and Jerian Grant.

The Bucks could benefit from getting out of the Monroe and Carter-Williams contracts in an effort to start fresh. Lopez is a perfect fit for what the Bucks want to do. He does the dirty work, such as rebound and defend. And Lopez’s offensive game has improved to the point where players have to pay attention to him.

As for Jerian Grant, the Milwaukee Bucks could give him a look as the starting point guard. Much of the offense will flow through the lanky Giannis Antetokounmpo as he continues to improve his game. All Grant would have to do is facilitate and make open shots. That is not much to ask for a second-year player.

Greg Monroe The Milwaukee Bucks’ Greg Monroe has an ideal skill set that would suit the New York Knicks. [Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]The Knicks would likely do it, because it gives them a player in Greg Monroe who can make open jumpers and run the floor. Monroe’s skill set is a natural fit with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. It is why they were interested in him in the first place. Trading for him would be a do-over. Getting Michael Carter-Williams gives them a big point guard, who may play with a chip on his shoulder.

Other potential trade partners for the Milwaukee Bucks are the New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trailblazers, and do not rule out the San Antonio Spurs. Greg Monroe is a 6-foot, 11-inch tall player that can shoot a consistent 18-foot jump shot. And since there is some uncertainty regarding the status of Tim Duncan, there is a possibility of the Spurs opening up communication with the Bucks.

When the Milwaukee Bucks signed forward Greg Monroe, the signing was the biggest stunner of the offseason. Fast forward to today, and NBA trade rumors have the Bucks looking to trade their prize free agent. Unlike most NBA trade rumors, there is something that can be had here. Will the Milwaukee Bucks get what they are asking for?

[Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images]