Julian Castro’s Daughter Achieves Meme Status For Hair Flip During Her Daddy’s Barn-Burner

Julian Castro’s daughter has become a bit of a meme on the internet, as the three-year-old child of the San Antonio mayor seemed to be not as impressed by her Daddy’s speech as, well … any of us straight female liberals were with Julian Castro. Sigh.

Julian Castro’s daughter was basically a three-year-old, and one, as we should remember, who had been sitting through totally boring stuff like Daddy rambling at a place that isn’t even Chuck E. Cheese for probably her whole life.

Sure, to us, he’s like a politically-savvy, Latin-flavored Keanu Reeves, but Julian Castro’s daughter was just watching Daddy talk about dull stuff like the deficit and student loans, and no one even gave that kid a lollipop. And can anyone blame her for, when the cameras turned to the kid and her mommy, already having tuned out of whatever her dad was rambling on about?

As Julian Castro turned his speech to Carina Victoria’s first day at Pre-K, his daughter was probably thinking about the Fresh Beat band or something, and the stream showed the little girl flipping her hair, rolling her eyes, and looking extremely bored with the whole process.

The squeeing crowd began giggling at the spectacle of Julian Castro’s daughter on the Jumbotron, briefly puzzling the rising Dem star as he tried to work out why the crowd was laughing at a decidedly unfunny part of his speech:

“Everyone started laughing and I was like, ‘What? You are not supposed to laugh at this part.'”

But the meme-fication of Julian Castro’s daughter has leant and additional bit of motility to the DNC star’s barn-burner, which can only be a good thing. And, of course, the clip has already been set to Willow Smith’s “I Whip My Hair Back And Forth.”

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