‘The Flash’ Season 3 Will Center Around Epic Flashpoint Storyline

Up until yesterday, fans of The Flash were wondering just where Season 3 of the show was going to go. Thanks to lead actor Grant Gustin, we now know season three of The Flash is going to be taking up one of the most iconic storylines ever to happen to the speedy superhero. Grant Gustin took to Twitter apparently shortly after finding out just what the story entailed, and he could barely control his excitement.

Not too long after that, The Flash‘s director, Greg Berlanti, made it clear Gustin was perfectly fine telling the fans what the title of the storyline was going to be. The star of the show then let it be known the third season of The Flash was going to center around Flashpoint. Grant Gustin said this would be a different version of that iconic storyline, so the cast and Berlanti would put their spin on it, but it still means the season is going to be quite recognizable to comic book fans.

Gustin made it clear that he doesn’t just play a superhero on television, but he knows the backstory of his character. Gustin added he even watched the animated movie that centers around Flashpoint. He also said that he’s read the comic book centering around The Flash and the time traveling adventures he goes on. Time travel has been a big part of the series since the first season, so it certainly makes sense that Flashpoint would take center stage.

There had been some hints that Flashpoint was something that was going to be coming in Season 3. As Digital Spy points out, Gustin’s character drastically altered his personal timeline in Season 2’s finale. The Flash is forced to deal with the repercussions of his messing with time streams in the comic book version of this story. In the comic book version, his mother is indeed alive, though his father had died from a heart attack three years prior.

This would fit in roughly with how we saw the last season ended. When The Flash wakes up in this different time stream, Captain Cold is the hero of the city, and the speedster doesn’t exist, nor do any of the other superheroes, such as Green Arrow. Other heroes could be making an appearance on CW’s most popular super-powered show, thanks to Arrow having already done some crossover events and Supergirl coming to the network in the fall.

Gustin’s character and his surrounding cast have already dealt with plenty of the CW‘s spin. In the first two seasons, we’ve met Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, and a whole host of villains and heroes that make up the DC Comics universe and allies or foes fans know from the books. Gustin has made his character his own, despite the fact that he wasn’t offered the big screen version. By all accounts, Gustin has handled that snubbing quite well and seems perfectly happy residing on the CW.

Gustin might be handling it quite well, but some of his costars have made it known he should have been cast in the stand alone movie, as well as the Justice League film. One costar who will return for Season 3, Tom Cavanaugh, has been one of the most focal, also being one of the most experienced members of the cast. Cavanaugh is likely coming back for the third season of The Flash, right alongside Grant Gustin and the rest of the regulars.

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